My new 40S&W High Point

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  1. Here are some picks of my new 40 S&W. I can't wait to get it to the range!!!![​IMG]

    I plan on taking my digital camera when I take it out for the first time. I am hoping for sunday.
  2. WOOT! Good SCORE!!!

    We LOVE pics of guns, especially Hi-Points around these parts! Thanks for sharin'!

  3. I thought I would be happy once I picked it up, but now I am emotional destroyed because I can't shoot it for a couple days. If I like it after running a couple hundrad rounds through it I will go back and pick up the c-9 too. I can't help but feel I might have a addiction in the making!!!!
  4. Welcome to the Hi Point Brotherhood 8)
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    Hey I got the same pistol AND earplugs :p get some hogue hand-all grips for it and have an ever better package ;)

    You will love the JCP, I'd rate my JCP over my 995 in reliability, it's a great weapon.
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    Just brought a JCP .40 back from a local gun show. Can't wait to get some range time on it! Asked about the carbine, they said they have been on backorder for a very long time. The shop that carries them is about five miles from where I deer hunt. That is convenient.
  7. Today I had an extra hour to burn so I grabbed the 40 and drove out to my freind property with him to shoot!!! I had 4 jams out of about 40 rounds!!!! I had my leatherman with me so I cut a angle into the plastic peice in the front of the clip because the shells were getting caught on it. No more jams. The gun worked great!! I shot my freinds 38, his beretta 40 and then his 1911. Best spent hour I've had in a while!! After shooting the variety of guns I have decided to go to the Cadilac gun show tomarrow and buy another gun.
  8. HEY - that looks a lot like mine!

    Great pics man, and congrats.
  9. Congrats! I hope you like yours as much as I like mine :)
  10. I picked up a hogue grip for it, man that grip is great, it really helps you get a excellent grip on the jcp. I had to trip the front of my clip because I had 3 misfeeds the first day out, but after that it worked great!! I got the bug!!!! I just went out and picked up a Tuarus pt92 AFS in the stainless finish. I think I will use the Tuarus to get my concealed weapons permit. 5 inch barrel 9mm should be pretty accurate. I'll find out when I get to take it out and run it through the paces!!!