My new .45 made it's debut today!

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    I took it with me when I went to my granddads to get my new Kel-tec from him, so I got to try both of them out. My brother (who is a gun snob and doesn't like Hi-Points) kept telling me before I bought it that I would be sorry as the recoil is too much. I told him he's an idiot.

    I was in a hurry and only got to put one mag thru it, but it shot like a dream. It kicks less than my Taurus, but a little more than my 1911. Overall I'm very happy with it. I can't wait to really put it thru it's paces! It's been a good day :D

  2. Never had a problem with my JHP 45 from day one except getting my time to shoot it when I take my 11 and 16 y.o. daughters out for an afternoon of shooting. Congrats and hope it serves you well.
  3. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    More than your 1911? what 1911 do you shoot?

    Glad to hear it shot well.

    I had some other guys frown on my Hi-Point but I like my HP's to death.
  4. Everybody loves those JHP .45s!
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    Maybe it doesn't recoil more than my 1911, I'd have to compare them side by side, but it just feels different. The Hi-Point seems to want to flip a little more whereas the 1911 is more of a shove straight back. Either way, I love both of them! Now I've just got to get me another mag, 'cuz one just ain't enough!
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    You're absolutely right...

    One mag isn't enough, haha. My son shoots my .45 with no issues, he likes it better than my little Cobra .380. I hardly notice the recoil at all it really is a sweet shooter. The only one I have that has less recoil problems is my CF380.
  7. Last time I went to the range I shot my old mans JHP .45, I think its a beast but I don't think it has TOO MUCH recoil. If anything I think it wants to flip more because of the massive slide? But I'm no expert