My new 995

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  1. I picked up my 995 Monday. I was able to fire 100 rounds Monday but no pics. Everything preformed well. The only time I had a FTF was chambering the first round of a new mag. I believe it was me moving the operating bolt to slowly.

    I paid $220 for the carbine and $60 for the ATI stock, which my shop installed for free. I also had them install the Berreta Tri-Mount for the foregrip. They left the barrel clamp lose and it was sliding around so I had to remove the cover and black tape it in place. I had to order the ATI buttpad from and installed that today.

    Here it is as it looks today.............

    Foregrip and Tri-Mount

    I am adding the Barska 50mm Red Dot Scope and Bushman's Trigger/Bolt combo. I havent recieved the scope yet. I recieved Bushman's combo today, but I may just keep the weapon all black. Still deciding.

    As long as I here, this is my SW9VE


    I'm very happy with my new 995! The Range Master asked if I had any problems when I was done. He looked suprised when I said I didnt.
  2. Sweeeet. Shoulda offered to let him shoot it; bring another one into the fold :).

  3. I do like that foregrip!
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    I like the foregrip also, I'm thinking about the foregrip with the built in bi-pod, anyone use it before?