My new 995

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  1. Here is a pic of my new to me. The carbine came with a red dot scope not mouted, 120 rounds of tula ammo, and two mags. Looks like the top cover has the same finish as my new C9, its not glossy black paint but more of the flat black.

    The rear sight is missing(if it came with one) and the screws that hold the top rail on is missing also.


    Here is pic of all three together.


    When I took it apart the charging handle screw is cross threaded. I was able to get it off but it looks like 2-3 of the treads are screwed up.

    Guessing the only way to fix the charging handle is ship it back and maybe they can put the rear sights on also.
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    Nice! I like the camo stock.

  3. Yeah I really like the camo colors. I was hoping for a basic black but after seeing this one I have really grown to like it.

    Still wondering about sending it back because of the small issue. I will wait till next week I'm taking it to the range this weekend for a test drive.
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    since you have found numerous, small issues, i would probably recommend sending it back in to be refurbished, just to make sure nothing else is found wrong with it. sure its all little cosmetic issues, but, better safe then sorry, $25 to mail it back to mom and have it come back a brand new carbine with all the proper bits and pieces, and safety checked internally sounds like a real smart idea as you dont know how the previous owner treated it.
  5. I called them last week about my model C pistol I bought used and they just sent me parts, but I don't want to sound like someone taking advantage of their warranty by calling again this week. And the threads might be more than I'm willing the fix because I'm not sure if it is just the bolts threads or in side the slide also.

    I think I better start some paper work tomorrow on this gal.
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    Agreed. I have one being serviced right now. It was just over $16 to ship it back, and considering your location it would probably be about the same price for you...and a complimentary magazine for your troubles.

    Ya like whatcha like