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    Today I rode down to the shop today and was browsing around.. I was looking for a nice compact 9 to add to my carry list and I found a Taurus PT-111 Pro. I really liked how it felt in my hand and it was nice and compact pretty much the same size as my Glock 27 i use for carry now. Well with a Price tag of $350 I had to get it.. I will drive down to the range tonight to feed it some ammo cause it looks Hungry!

    Of course I have Pics....



  2. Jarhead1775

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    That looks great. It is really nice. Congrats and Good Luck. Let us know how she shoots.

  3. Very nice pistol!!! I have heard great reviews on these. Let us know how it goes!
  4. Fox,

    I just traded my PT111 M-Pro in a couple days back for a larger S&W 9VE. I had the Taurus for over a year and put close to 1k thru it wither ever having a problem. Only reason I traded is I have nerve damage in my trigger finger and was having issues with the very light trigger set on the M-Pro.

    For a sub compact 9mm the M-Pro is a fantastic choice, especially if you have smaller hands or want something with an external safety. It is a hands down better gun than the Glock sub-compact because it will eat any brand/type loads you toss in the mags.

  5. Great choice and pics right out of the box!!! Let us know how she behaves.
  6. Fox

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    Thanks for the encouragement Rimfire.. and thanks for the comments guys.. I love my Glock don't get me Wrong.. but I I think I may like this one better..

    Well to update you guys I just got back from the Range and when i got there they were just closing up an hour early...WTF!!! So i didn't get a chance to shoot her, but Will have another chance come Friday, and I can't wait...
  7. Nice looking gun. That is def on my short list of guns I wanna buy
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    I'm selling my glock 19 and bought myself the millennium's larger bro - the 24/7 pro a couple weeks back. I can tell you that if your millennium is anything like my 24/7 [which we all know it is] you will be very very happy with it :)