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  1. got my stripped lower in today and immediately put her together.

    sorry no toes in my pic :lol:



  2. Space

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    Here you go...


    Just isn't the same without the toes :)

    Nice job...may need to get me one of those some day.

  3. s0b3

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    what are the optics? does it cowitness or did you have the scope and buis on for the pic?
  4. rrjenn

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    Nice looking toes dude. The gun's ok too.
  5. It is a 4x scope with red and green crosshair's mounted on an YHM angle mount, still not sure if i like it there or not, eye relief is not exactly what it needs to be, so it may be coming off. hopefully I will get some time at the range this weekend but as of now it looks like it will be another week till I get to the range :(
  6. That this is damn fine looking man, congrats on the new toy. Once I get my travel pay from this TDY, I am getting an AR, I am tired of not having one.
  7. OHHH the disappointment I was on my way to the range today to try and sight in my new toy and got about 5 miles from the range and my car broke down :evil: so I ended up getting towed home instead of hitting the range. I was not pleased to say the least. :cry:
  8. Crikey - that's a sweet looking toy. Can't wait to hear how she shoots!
  9. Ridge

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    Let me know how that angle mount goes...I want to do the EXACT same thing to my AR until I can get my EOTech :)
  10. TnShooter83

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    I like it.
  11. ok I actually made it to the range, my car stayed at home though, this was my first experience shooting an ar and I got to say the sights are a kinda hard to get used to, (at least I think so). I ended up staying at 25 yds and this is what i ended up with my last 3 are marked with x's which are kinda hard to see. one just above, below, and to the right of the 10.

    If anyone has any tips on using or sighting in ar sights I would be more than happy to hear them

  12. Ridge

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    For mid-long range, use the bigger makes the front sight look thinner and you can be more accurate that way...
  13. Nice weapon and nice toes. You are making me want to finish paying off my layaway. I found a used Bushmaster Ar15 A2 with the adjustable stock for 649.95 at Gander Mountain.
    I have 150.00 left to pay off on it!
  14. negotiating a deal on an AR as I type. Can't wait to get a new toy. Hope to have it screaming by this weekend.
  15. WOW Aries $650 at gander that is cheap for them. I went to my local gander last night and the cheapest they had was a bushmaster for $900 :shock: you must know somebody lol
  16. Dreamthief

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    everything that was taught to me in the military was that you used the smaller aperture for distance (200-500 meters), and the wider arpeture (0-200 meters sight) for close range...I believe that's what FM 23-9 says. well I think they changed it to something like FM 3-22.9
  17. Ridge

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    True, but I took my AR out shooting last week and found the larger aperture easier to use, once you manage to center the forward sight in the aperture...