My new AR A3M4 Bushmaster

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  1. warwemust

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    I just had to buy this one today. I had a Hesse befor. But I went with the Bushmaster this time. This is a A3, M4 style. I figured thet since I am going to Iraq next year, I needed a little more time on it then the Army National Guard will give me.
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  2. bamaboy06

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    Very nice rifle.I am a Bushmaster man myself.I went with with XM15E2S with the 20" barrel.

  3. warwemust

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    Nice. Well they built this new Cabelas out here in Spokane Washington......and I had to check it out. Of course I had to buy something well I was there. Tax return needed to be spent. LOL Set me back just over 1000. It was on sale. msrp was 1130$ But ammo prices have gone sky high since I owned a AR last. :cry:
  4. That is a great looking AR.

    Good Luck in Iraq..... If you come to Ft. Bliss to MOB Pm me!!!!
  5. just tried to get your pic to is your gun for all to see!!! :wink:
  6. Sweet... my bro has a bushie and I love it as well.
  7. Sweet looking rifle man !! Heres mine :twisted:

  8. wow, those are so cool!
  9. 713832281

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    very nice rifle, hows it shoot?
  10. warwemust

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    I went to the range today and fed her 200 rds. She ate'm all without hesitation and spit out the shells. It was sweet, I can still smell the powder. I just finnished giving her a good cleaning. :D
  11. Hell, the smell of gun powder is topped only by the smell of CLP IMHO.... They are both topped by a few other smells, but I'll leave those to your imagination. :wink:
  12. Hoppes No. 9!!??!!??
  13. elguapo

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    LOL! Primal and I had this conversation in Vegas.....
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    Bushmaster Dissipator

  15. Dude, what happens in Vegas is SUPPOSED TO STAY IN VEGAS!!!!

    Dumbarse! :wink: :D :mrgreen:
  16. Sorry, the "woman" *cough hack* you were with told all :).
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    nice man!