My New C-9... Groove on it

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  1. Picked up my first Hi-Point from the gun shop saturday. Took it out shooting Sunday.

    I put 100 rounds through the C9 and it did fairly well. a few scattered FTF's, but I think most of those were due to the head of the bullet not sliding smoothly up the feed ramp. A few hundred more and i'll see if i need to do anything about it.

    It kicks a little bit more than my other pistol, a Walther P-1/P-38. The P-38 is another inexpensive 9mm that is truly amazing. Everyone should own at least one!

    I posted some pics in another forum, if anyone is interested in taking a peek at my P-1 and C9.
  2. man, i have been looking for a p38 since i start shooting. can't seem to find a good deal of p38(i don't want p1 parts in it). i can't spend more than $250 so i might have to settled with a p1...

    p39 is such a beautiful pistol.

  3. The P-38 is the best shooting 9mm you will get (aside from a P-5, which is just a newer version of the P-38).

    If you're talking about the post-war pistols, the only difference between the P-1 and the P-38 is the number on the side. nothing else. P-1 was just the west german army's designation for it.

    So, mine was formerly used by the bundeswehr, and i have to tell you, it was like brand new. it had all the updates and replacements. i think getting a P-1 is way better than a used commercial P-38. But that's just me.
  4. Congrat's on Your C9 SEN-5241. I purchased mine a month ago and got about 300 rounds through with no problems. I was using WWB ammo. I also used it for my Home Defn. Course and one of the guys asked me if it was a .45 because it sure sounded like one. Very nice 9 as You will see on here from just about everyone else. Don't forget to buy more ammo!
  5. i think i'm gonna join p38 forum to get more info on p38. i know i'll have one soon or later.