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    Yesterday I made it to the range to shoot the C9 I had bought the week before. First a little more info about me. This is the first semiauto pistol I have ever shot and the first pistol I have shot probably in about 20 years. I have just been shooting hunting rifles and shotguns.

    At the range I first shot a box of Blazzer aluminums. I didn't have a single problem with the gun. I was shooting at the 7 yard line. On the second mag I clipped the edge of the bullseye and on the third mag I hit the bullseye. Pretty accurate I would say.

    After the Blazzers, I switched to Federal aluminum. I had a FTF in each of the first two mags. It was the second round each time. All I had to do was rack the slide to bring it up into the chamber. After that, the rest of the mag shot just fine. The third and final mag of the day with the Federals shot with no problems.

    I was more accurate with the Blazzers than with the Federals. I do not know if my gun likes the Blazzers better or if it was because my arms were getting tired or because of lower light conditions when I was shooting the Federals.

    I will be buying more Federals to shot with the remaining ones to test them better than just the three mags last night.

    I really like my C9 and am glad I bought it.
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    Sounds like you had a blast! And welcome from the great southwest!
    Now you need a carbine... Fun fun fun