My new carry piece (updated pics with new grip)

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  1. Hey guys went home last weekend and dad had a present waiting on me. A slightly used charter arms .38 undercover. Need to get some smaller grips for it but it still disappears nicely when in the iwb holster. Only 5 shot so I carry a speedloader with me with another 5 rounds whenever I carry.

    Alright guys got some new pictures finally of my charter arms .38 with the smaller grips. Those last ones were huge.

    Conceals in the IWB holster quite well.
  2. Glennfrank

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    Dang that grip is HUGE!
    Nice gun though

  3. Very nice!!! You might also want to look into some Bianchi speed strips. They work great and are not as bulky as the HKS speed loaders. Just as fast after some practice....

    Great summer carry piece!!!!!
  4. Man that is a pretty big grip. Is that the factory grip?

    Something like this would prob be good for carry. The price isn't bad either.

    Edit to add: That is a good looking wheel gun. It will make a great carry gun after you get the grip sorted out.
  5. uncle jerky

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    Snub noses are so cool and often underated in the accuracy department.
    Granted,they're not target guns,but they'll get the job done reliably. Mrs. UJ,had a Charter Arms Undercover snubby 38 spl that was just flawless. My current snubby is a Rossi, .357 Magnum Model 462-2" in stainless steel, 6 shot.Thad, that is a really nice,strong looking revolver that I'm sure will be a good partner for years to come.Sounds like your Dad has a lot of common sense!! Good luck to you.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. Dad certaintly knows his stuff he has forgotten more about guns than I will ever know. As far as the grip goes I believe it is the factory grip and I am ordering one of the smaller ones on friday. Certaintly a great summer carry gun and here in Florida it is summer about 9 months out of the year so it will see alot of use.
  7. Huge grip, big whallop. Nice gun.
  8. those grips are HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes the gun look like one of those airsoft jobs you see at the flea markets! Dump those grips and you will have a sweet "pocket" or small of the back gun.
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    wow. forget the speedloaders and extra rounds. Just crack 'em one with that massive grip. I bet it feels good in the hand though. I personally like a weapon like that.
  10. I like the Bulldog 44special, sounds awsome. Nice gun by the way.
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    Now that is one nice piece of gun.
  12. Updated the gun with some smaller grips and updated the original post with some new pictures
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    Now, that seems a lot more appropriate for a carry piece :)
  14. p7196

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    The old grips made you think it was connected to a 44 or something.
  15. The new grips do the 38 snubby justice and makes it more practical for CC. I think the larger grips were some after market hoo haa or perhaps some off a larger Charter, I have never seen a Undercover from the factory with grips that large.
  16. I am not sure where the original grips came from. The gun was purchased from a guy that my dad works with. The new grips are aftermarket Pachmayrs.
  17. Looks great with the new grip
  18. I really like the new grips man. Makes the gun look more manageable.
  19. JMano

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    Yeah the original gun and grips was the equivalent to the skinny guy dating the fat girl. It looked awkward and unnatural.