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  1. Finally retired my Hi Point as my every day carry gun. I now have a compact version of the SAR B6P 9mm which its designed after the CZ75.I finally fired it for the first time last night and its a really good shooting pistol im actually kind of impressed and it holds 13+1 so that's even better.

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  2. Nice looking gun. That grip looks like it would be comfortable to shoot.

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    I had one of those. Ended up trading it to my dad for his Taurus 709 Slim. With the exception of the narrow, small slide and a stiff safety lever that I eventually smoothed by repetition, I really liked it.

    Have you had any luck finding some decent holsters that fit it? I'm hoping ot talk my dad into getting a holster and mag pouches so he can do an IDPA match with me.
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    Nice gun, keeping the HP for the nightstand?
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    Sweet looking pistol. Congrats. :)
  6. Yup I still have my JF9 and my C9 they won't be going anywhere. I'm using A Blackhawk cloth type holster with a retention strap that I got at Walmart but the CZ75 paddle holster is supposed to fit perfect and its on eBay for I think $20.The slide is a lil odd to get used to its like a 92fs slide but I like how its a double/single action to. I love it the grip does feel Amazing for my hands. The only down sides for this I think is the small slide and the safety is a little stiff but not bad and it does recoil a bit worse than my C9.
  7. Very nice, I have the EAA 10mm version of that gun, basically designed the same. It's a great shooter and very comfortable
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    congrats and welcome to the SAR fold. i have the K2P which is basically the same gun but with a rail, ambi safety and 17 round cap. i love this gun and it will be with me for a long time. to be honest it fits very nicely in the holster i got from MOM for my C9.

  9. I seen comparisons of the k2p and of the b6p and they both look similar and I like them both. The mags are interchangable on em to except it'd stick out on the compact version a bit. I've never seen the EAA 10mm before or even fired a 10mm at all but that's one round I really want to try out.
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