My new Glock 42

Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by shadowlands, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Visited a buddy of mine (gun store owner) and made the mistake of holding this last weekend. Sold! Had to then explain to my wife why it was important for me to own it, ha!

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  2. The 42 is the only Glock that feels "right" in my hand. Let her hold it, maybe she'll feel the love.

  3. I love the darn thing. Wish I had never held it. Ha!
  4. Rachgier

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    My G20 purchase was based on the same feelz. Sort of. The woman conspired with the mole on a used Gen 4 after I liked the feel of it in my hand.
  5. Shot this one last night...

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  6. I liked how the Glock 42 felt as well, I sold mine though because they are a little big for a 380acp.
  7. greg_r

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    The GLOCK 42 is the only GLOCK I like. I haven't shot one in a while. It doesn't function well with Buffalo Bore and the likes though. It runs fine with run of the mill 380 though. Don't know if Glock got that sorted out or not.
  8. I have shot and liked other Glocks, some people hate them but I think they make nice, dependable handguns at a fair price. There are way better guns though.
  9. I read they had some issues with the model back in 2015, but it's been corrected in the more recent models.
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    Blue label prices are not bad. Regular price is BS. It's one of the cheapest cost per gun to build. And costs more than others of higher costs to build.

  11. I can totally see that. It's so simple and mostly plastic.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I shot one someone handed me at the range. It felt like a .22 Magnum. Accurate too. It was a joy to shoot. They had a bunch of problems when they first came out. 2-3 gens of mags. They got the G43 right before they released them. I haven't shot one of them yet. Soon.
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    Congrats OP! Nice pistol. :)
  14. I'm a picture taking fool!!!

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  15. Hipointer

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    Nice Shadowlands! ;)
  16. I'm still waiting for a pic of the little lady with one of your guns. :)
  17. Great idea! I need to do that soon!
    I have to beg and buy wine.
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    The G42 and G43 are good sized carry weapons, either as a primary or a BUG. Depending on the purpose, I carry the G43 OWB in a DeSantis holster or as a hidden BUG.

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  19. You're in Bastrop, awesome! Being close to Austin and Hill Country and close enough to Houston also. Nice location!

    Awesome gun as well!