My new GP WASR 10!!!

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Fox, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Fox

    Fox Well-Known Member

    I've been wanting to get an AK for Some time now.. and I gave into today and picked up a GP WASR..:D0 Well I was going to get the Saiga 7.26 ak.. and it was $150 more for it.. looked nice... all Black.. Mmmm evil,8) but It's going to be for Plinking and Fun, so I went the Cheaper Route.. Flame On!!! I know, I know Should have gotten the Saiga. :cry: Well I got it for $450 and it came with everything, the Cleaning rod, multi-tool Kit, Oil Bottle, Two 30 Rnd Mags, a Bayonet, with Sheath, even has the side Scope rail on the left side, it has Nice furniture <---- no really the wood is actually in great condition, An Ammo Pouch, and a Poop eating Grin!!! :wink: everything looks straight, no canted sights, or gas tube.. NICE!!!
    I gave Larry(not a real Russian sounding Name) a good scrubbing as he was covered in all kinds of lube and had some small metal shavings inside from the Mag Well Mod.. and he is good to go... I can't wait to blast off some rounds.. BUT HAVE TO WAIT TILL TUESDAY TO DO SO :(
    I know... I know Pictures.. well without further adieu here's the newest member of my Family Larry!!



    One mag Fit's snug in the Well and the other has some play.. no biggie



    Sights look good!

    The Family WASR 10, Hi-Point 995, Glock 27
  2. 8andsand

    8andsand Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the WASR. You will have tons of fun out of it. Man prices are hi on those things out your way. Especialy for the saiga. I can get 7.62 saiga's for $260 and 7.62 WASR for $350. I love my saiga but you will be equally as pleased with the WASR. Im on my second WASR the first one I had was before the ban was lifted and was neutered to remove the bayonet lug and the threaded barell. Now I Have one just like you just bought. Nothing like mounting the bayonet to freak people out at the range :D

  3. Loopster

    Loopster Well-Known Member

    Allright! Nice looking gun, dude!
  4. Fox

    Fox Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. I didn't really shop around.. for prices, and I couldn't make it to the CrossRoads Gun Show, but I really like the shop where I purchased it at the Staff is Great.. and I've looked at some WASR's before and this is the best one i've seen far as being straight asnd including everything so I jumped on it..
    The Saiga was $600.. . and I had the cash, but kept going back to the WASR.."Looks" they did have a sweet UnderFolder for $1000 not sure on the Brand looked just like my WASR.. now that was PiMp.... But if I didn't care about my Bank account I would have bought the Barret 50 Cal. Sniper Rifle they had sitting out... :shock:
  5. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    Man, those are some expensive prices!!!
  6. Fox

    Fox Well-Known Member

    that was my thought on the under-folder I was like no thanks.., but they have a huge selection of Rifles and carbines... While I was in there a guy bought a P90.. those were around $1500, and they even had Mp5's, and 40mm grenade launcher along with an array of Suppressors.. 8).. I would hate to see the guy that try's to rob that store.. Some Gun Prices are just Stupid here in Vegas... they figure everyone has the money to spend on them and they will, hence the Prices... Sucks.. :cry:

    oh yeah the Barret was $4700

  7. I reallfy like your WASR. Looks better than a lot of the ones I have seen.

    Clean and nice wood!

    Crazy prices out your way.

    At the gun show today, I was seeing 250-350 dollar Saigas all day long. WASRS were close the same price.
  8. Fox

    Fox Well-Known Member

    Damn I really need to get my butt down to a Gun Show... Well I realized it's a GP WASR not a WASR and Doing some searching on the old net the price is around $400 for those..
  9. PrimalSeal

    PrimalSeal Well-Known Member

    Fox, you are going to LOVE your WASR! I know I do love mine, VIKTOR is his name.... Hell, Taurus tried to trade me his Mazda truck for Victor... Suffice it to say that I am still the proud owner of Victor..... Shoot it, clean it, love it.... You're good to go!
  10. .45acp

    .45acp Well-Known Member

    Have fun, it's a good little gun.

    BTW, mine is named Rocky.
  11. Newskate9

    Newskate9 Well-Known Member

    very nice! Good on ya!
  12. Huggy

    Huggy Member

    Nothing wrong with a WASR... not here anyway. You'll always find gun snobs that will tell you they're crap, but they're the Hi-Points of the AK world. I picked mine up about a year ago, and the only problem I've had is with crappy mags. This dang thing has made me Kalasnikrazy and inspired me to try to do a few builds.
  13. Fox

    Fox Well-Known Member

    Well After letting Larry sit overnight and I started thinking....Larry needed a Deluxe cleaning... I cleaned it good last night but not that "New Gun Smell" new.. come to find out all the internals were just caked with COSMOLINE :x <---- That stuff really sucks... I guess it's used mostly on old arms to preserve them.:?. I used about a third of can of Break-Free to get it all gone and while I had it all tore down I decided to work on the furniture.. It's very god condition wood, but lacked that "Sealed" look. So I worked the Wood with some steel wool and put on a nice coat of Tru-Oil.. and will do that a few more times before the days out.. so far it's looking good and not all Greasy anymore..
  14. Fox

    Fox Well-Known Member

    Same problem where one of the Mags it came with fits perfect and the other has some slop side to side. But as long as it goes bang.. :D
  15. PrimalSeal

    PrimalSeal Well-Known Member

    I have 3 thirty round mags for my WASR and all of them have slop side to side as well. I have never had a feed issue though, so yours should be just fine as well.
  16. boice1971

    boice1971 Well-Known Member

    You will love your new gun, I just got the exact same with all accessories last Monday(plus a third mag). All of mine have a little side to side wobble, but I've shot 450 rounds no problem. I think it is my favorite gun I own. But that could be that it's just the newest addition to the family. I'm now wanting to build one. Let us know how it goes shooting it Tuesday.
  17. Huggy

    Huggy Member

    I haven't had any feeding problems even with the side to side flop. Some follower types don't seem to work, and mags that were advertised as 20 rd. hungarian, and turned out to be new National Mag (brown n' stinky) aren't worth the steel... unless I need to use my rifle as a bullet puller.
  18. patriot2980

    patriot2980 Well-Known Member

    The magazine wobble that I've experienced in my WASRs is more of an annoyance than a function issue. I've never had a problem with it. Always feeds fine.
    Congrats on the purchase. Now, by all means, buy ammo ammo ammo!
    Get as much as you can afford while the prices are still halfway decent.
  19. Taurus357

    Taurus357 Well-Known Member

    It's an Isuzu not a Mazda, damn son.
  20. A LOT of the Romys tend to wobble side to side.

    Never hurts anything or causes feed issues.

    Just annoying as mentioned but the gun still should run perfect.