MY new HP 40 range review

Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by mmendz, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Hello everyone,

    I just received my new HP 40 and was finally able to take it to the range. Before I bought the pistol, I did my research and decided to buy the 40.

    I had gone to Ft Meyers to complete a project for work and had to stop at the Walmart off Ortiz/Colonial to buy a few items. I bought three 50 round boxes of CCI blazer brass for $9 and some change. I also bought the Winchester JHP 40 s&w 180g for personal protection.

    I went to my range today and loaded the mag to its capacity making sure the rounds were tiped at the recommended angle. I am proud to say that I placed 100 rounds down range, all on target from 10 to 25 yards. I did have 3 ftf. Those rounds appeared jammed in sideways for some reason. Anyway, knowing that this may happen according to some of the posts, I cleared the chamber and continued to fire carefully placed rounds on target. The weapon is very accurate at 25 yards. I was very impressed. I used the crossman holster that I had bought a while back while waiting for the gun to arrive to my dealer. I do need more time holstering and unholstering, but that will come with time.

    As a prior LE officer, I am proud to say that I would def. recommend this gun to anyone looking for a reliable, low cost weapon. I remember we (PD) used to shoot the S&W 5904 9mm and it did jam on us freaquently while doing our 6 month weapon qualification. My take on my HP 40 is that it will get better with more time on the range.

    Next up is to get the hogue grips and a nice cleaning. I am thinking of the C9 for my personal CCW weapon. I am relying on my HP40 as a home or auto protection jointly with my Mossberg 500.

    Feed backs would be appreciated! [/b]
  2. I don't think you need any feedback. Sounds like you are right on track. Keep shootin!!!

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    Sounds good bro.See how the .40 goes as it gets broken in.If your still having ftf after awhile the guys here will square you away.I've been carrying my c-9 all ccw all this year and just last week moved to a glock19 for the higher mag capacity.Your c-9 may shoot good right out of the box like mine did or it too may have to be broken in.I had a $10.00 ambi iwb holster and the combo served me well day in and day out.Good luck.
  4. Very nice review, you're right on track. 500 rounds is a good break in as mentioned. Remember for cleaning, do the most you can WITHOUT taking it apart. Unlike many/most guns, the HP's are not as easy to undress, and certainly do not need or reco it.
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    Thanks for the feed backs

    I wanted to also ask where do you guys buy good, cheap rounds. I mean I was lucky to find the CCI Blazers at that price at walmart. I do travel alot so its hard to buy rounds via the net. I was also thinking of reloads but I always go with what I know, every time.

    Thanks all!
  6. The best ammo for the .40 is the CCI Blazer Brass hands down. It's the most reliable ammo for the least amount of money. That's all I shoot out of my .45 1911. $9 bucks a box sounds about right for Wal-Mart, so if I were you I'd stock up. Also, save your brass, as reloading is cheaper by far. Congrats on your new toy, and welcome to the forum.