My new laserlyte sights

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  1. Anyone have any issues with this laser?
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  3. mworley1

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    I was considering that for my JHP 45. Are you having problems or not happy?
  4. doodle

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    I just got one today and it does not work. I will send it back tomorrow.
    Not going to try again.:wah:
  5. sdbrit68

    sdbrit68 Supporting Member

    I like the look, does it come on with trigger presure ?
  6. Alex1959

    Alex1959 Louie The Lizard Supporting Member

    'Fraid not. :( It has a little button on the side to turn on. BTW, has strobe as well as constant on mode.

    I like mine.
  7. When I received it, it would not zero to my bore sight so I called and they shipped me a new one. The new one sighted in np. Got it out to shoot the other day and held zero np. Im happy!
  8. ghostmonky

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    Is there a standard distance to sight in a laser.
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  9. beataboyboss

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    Having the same issue with getting the laser to zero with my bore site..I just emailed the manufacturer about it..besides that, I think it is a really nice piece of equipment.. Would for sure recommend
  10. PapaMAS

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    None that I know of - it's up to you to decide what will work best for what you intend to do.
  11. ajole

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    NE Utah

    On a pistol it will be either the 25 yard target distance, or you choose the SD distance you like...3, 7 or 10 yards are all normal SD ranges.

    Shouldn't be lot of drop between the SD ranges.:p
  12. MarkWS

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    I have one on my C9. No issues. Not the easiest to see in daylight but I didn't buy it for that.
  13. SirLucious15

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    I've got it on my JCP .40 and love it
  14. undeRGRound

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  15. cruiser

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    I mounted the Walther Red Dot on my Mossberg along with a green laser. I zeroed in the Red Dot at 60 feet then simply adjusted the laser green dot to be on top the optic red dot. Seemed to work OK for me.
  16. beataboyboss

    beataboyboss Member

    Just fyi-The manufacturer shipped me out a brand new unit-as well as free replacement batteries..awesome customer service-