My new Mosin!

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  1. Well, got my first Mosin today! Wasn't the same one I was looking at yesterday. Wen't with a different one. Don't have time to take many pictures as I have to get ready for work now (my not having much time is a bit of a story in itself!) but here's a quick one I just snapped of it.

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    VERY clean M44 you have there!

    Funny...I just realized that they sold me a longarm without a trigger lock!

    Not that it matters since I have several lying around, but still

  3. Nice looking Mosin. I really like my M44. It's a good solid rifle thats not very expensive and fun to shoot. My wife calls mine "The Beast". :D
    And yes we are talking about the gun. I know what some of you folks are thinking.Good Lord y'all.
  4. Nice looking rifle, I would make sure that they checked the headspace before you shoot it if it were me. Better safe than sorry
  5. Oh trust me, that is top on my priority list before firing it, along with a real good cleaning and over all safety check. But still, thanks for the tip :)
  6. No problem, would hate to see someone here get hurt shooting. It is supposed to be fun :wink:
  7. I hear ya there! And a face full of hot gas does NOT sound like fun :wink:
  8. Sweet! I love the folding pig sticker, wish mine was a folder instead of the fixed. No matter, I guess there is no rule against having two MN's. Now that ya didn't buy the laminated one, what county are you really in? Hahaha! :lol:
  9. I really am in Waukesha ;) And I was wrong, the other one wasn't laminated. Honestly, I think it's 150 due to a pricing error, or maybe it's just in slightly better condition? The only difference was that I noticed a few REALLY tiny dots in the bore that MIGHT be some pitting, but otherwise it was very shiny (so much so that I blinded myself for a second just looking at the reflection off of my little LED flashlight :D ). Either way, I'm very happy with the one I have :)
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    where did you get it? Dunhams in delafield? im in milwaukee and in the market for a MN
  11. Got it at the Dunhams in West Allis actually :) I think it's one of the only ones left in Milwaukee County? Anyway, it's over on 108th St (HWY 100), just north of where National and Cleveland intersect with 108th, just north of the new Target they just built there and on the same side of the road (which is east). They have about 20 MN's there. I spotted some 91/30's, M44's and I believe M38s (which are the same as M44's, just no bayonet, if I'm not mistaken).

    Hope that help's, and make sure to post a picture when you get your rifle!
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    West Allis? My friend here in Phx grew up there. His mom and sister still live there in Milwaukee. Funny thing is, I just bought a M44 today, and it looks just like that. Russian, made in 1948. Love that bayonet!
  13. :lol: Talk about a small world! And yeah, I love that bayonet to :D Speaking of which, how do you extend the bloody thing? I only had about 2 seconds to play with it before I had to come to work, but I couldn't figure it out right away. Do I have to loosen the screw on the top of the joint? Or is there something I'm missing?
  14. you pull the bayonet back towards the rear and that unlocks it, and then you swing it up and pull it out to get it to lock in place

    Just like a SKS
  15. wow, that was extreamly simple :)
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    Yeah, thats why I am returning my Norinco to wood stock, and folding bayo status. Ditching the Monte Carlo, and going Native :)
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    elguapo, Where did you get yours?