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    Well today i ran down to the Gun store and was going to buy some Drums for my AK he had there last week and of course they were gone.. :evil: :( I'm still kicking myself in the ass for not getting them, oh well another time.. Well since I was down there I figured I had to get something and after looking at all the pics of you guys's Mosins I had to get one. they had a really nice M44 Carbine with the side Bayonet and it was only $95 so I decided to grab it the wood is almost immaculate with just a few bumps, [but hardly noticeable, I did a little research on my iPhone while I waiting to get it, he was super busy, and It's a 1945 from the Izhevsk factory with the 1st gen. bayonet without the top protective ear. I had alot of time on my phone :lol: Well while i'm there I pick up a Case of ammo for the AK for my outing with Primal and NDS on Saturday... they didn't have any 7.62 x 54, but I know who does , I will get some before Saturday and try to find some Stripper Clips.. I know ,here they come the Pictures Already..





    And the accessories came with
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    I have two Mosins and I love them. All the guys on here can attest to the sheer fun and power of these rifles.

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    Full kit and a Soviet made marque? Perfect score for under $100!
  4. Now I can't wait to go shooting with you guys!! How I LOVE me a Mosin!!!

    Oh, and I plan on dumping a few boxes of that 7.62x39 through your AK for you, if you don't mind...

    Also, before we hit the range, I think I need to look around for a nice wheel gun.... I am thinking in .357 so I can use .38specials in it too.... We'll have to go to your local toy store for sure.... BTW, what time do gun stores usually close around here in Vegas? I need to find one as I am having shooting withdrawl already.
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    That's why I bought a Case.. Most gun stores that I frequent close between 7-8.. I went to 4 stores today and only 1 of them sells ammo for my Mosin so I'll be heading back there to pick up some. The shop is called Accuracy gun shop and they even sold Hi-points in there too. I wish I knew they had the Carbine before I drove 50 miles to Overton to get it..
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    you guys are jerks I passed up an M44 and now I am regretting it because of all the fun you guys are having... :evil:
  7. You did good!! I love my M44. It is one heck of a rugged rifle. No wonder the Ruskies put the whoopin' on the Germans. :D
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    Just went to the Local Gun Smithy to get the head space checked out(the bolts a #match for the Rifle) just to be sure.. and everything is a Go.. So I picked up some ammo for it; 120rnds. it's some old surplus stuff wrapped in Paper.. cost me $9 a bundle of 20... :( not sure if I can get it cheaper elsewhere, but they are the only i've seen carry it.. so I'm all ready to throw some flames on Saturday.. I had to run across town to get some stripper clips for it too.. kinda cheap IMO, but will have to make due. :lol:
  9. Nice lookin M44 you got there and for the price I say you did excellent. As far as the surplus ammo... make sure you clean the chamber, bore and bolt up really good after each shooting session or you will end up with a frosty to rusty gun in a week or so.

    Wolf and S&B make some good non-corrosive 7.62x54R ammo and you can order it online in bulk at reasonable prices. Winchester also makes a darn good hunting round in x54R but its not cheap enough to plink with unless you are well-to-do and have no problems spending money..LOL But the Winchester is well worth the cost if you want to hunt with your M44.

    Next suggestion is get into reloading! Lot of good loads you can work up including a reduced recoil/youth load using one of the Hodgdon powders. Several companies are making .312dia bullets now due to the popularity of the 7.62x54R and the .303 Brit, so there is no shortage of reloading components for the Mosins. For really cheap range plinking loads you can use .310/.311 123/125gr bullets designed for reloading the AK/SKS 7.62x39 and have a blast without shooting corrosive ammo or breaking the shoulder and wallet.
  10. Grrrr...

    I'm really getting tired of all the stories of sub-$100 MNs at discount centers, sporting goods warehouses, eastern-bloc armories that take MasterCard, etc.

    Here in the ATL, I can't find anything for less than $125, and then it's a cobbled-together multi-numbered pile of dog squeeze.

    Where do I get these deals?
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    Keislers in southern Adiana has crates off M44s with a box of 250 rounds for $89 all day long, you can dig through the crates and take your pick, and they have 91/30s with the ammo for $124....
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    :shock: Wow that's well worth it.. The ammo costs more than those prices...
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    $9/20rnds is raping.. thats insane...

    i got mine from wideners reloading online... 300 rnds for $45.
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    It's true that in some places, gun prices are just reaching mythical levels. Such as in Phoenix: I DARE you to find an SKS bone stock under 200 bucks! Usually nuts are charging 250 to 500 for them. Aside from a few dealers offering AK's for around 400, you'll find the average "shop" price around 500 to 1000 bucks.

    I found mine by way of Big5 sporting goods. Now, I don't know how widespread the franchise is, but it's actually a mediocre sporting goods store, but they are great for two things: Vintage milsurp arms and shoes.....LOTS of sport, work and casual shoes. Kind of a weird mix, but hey: I need both moreso than the average joe out there in suburbia.
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    I will have to start getting my ammo for my Mosin there.. I thought those prices were crazy.. :( , but out of 6 shops they were the only one who had them.. Didn't want to drive around all day.

    Edit.. Thanks Jason for the Site I just placed an Order for 300 Rnds... Only 20 bux to ship too ... :lol: Now i'll have some more Food For my Mosin.. Thanks again bro..