my new pt92

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    Taurus PT-92 9mm w/ 17 rnd mag. Purchased it with Hogue grips and thought I'd take the Hogue handall off my Hp40 and see how it feels. Now the Pt won't give it back and I'm going to have to buy another handall for my 40. Oh well. :D

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    I have also thought that they are good looking guns.. I have never really liked the bike tube on the hand grips

  3. I had a PT-92 with Pachmayr handgrips, traded it in for a Beretta 92 and put Hogues on that. Actually had fewer problems with the less expensive PT. I think it's funny that I like the grip of those double-stacked nines with the extra bulk of rubber grips AND the grip of super slim stocked single stack 1911s. Odd huh? I'd get the grips custom fitted to the 92 and let your .40 have the Handalls back so they don't quarrel. How long will it be until you decide to shoot them both at once, I wonder? Nice pistol you've got there and the warranty is second to... well, one, I guess.

  4. Sweet one! It looks like my Beretta M9 I would bet that its a real sweet shooter. Have you taken her out shooting yet?
  5. *drool* Nice pistol there man :) God I love the gun porn on this site :D

    PS: I have no isea how this is coming out right now as I have about 1/4 a bottle of sky fodka in me. Sorry if you can't read any of this :)
  6. Guns and liquor don't mix my friend.... Always remember that.
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    I have the hogue grips for the taurus on it but they don't have the finger grooves although the beretta's do. I might buy the grip for the beretta just to see if I can get it to fit on my taurus.

    I love having 17 rounds in the mag, if only my HP had a double stack mag.