my new SKS

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  1. laubert75

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    Thanks to Benny, i just got my new SKS tapco stock for my 19th birthday. its awesome!! when i get some pictures, i'll be sure too add them!
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    That being said, I can't wait to see the pics. Which stock did you get? I'm looking at the ATI folding SKS stock for my rifle when I pick it up on Saturday, and when I finally get some extra cash next month I'll be dropping Benny a line myself for my compliance parts and extended mag.

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    Let us see it when you get a chance dude.
  4. laubert75

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    i duuno, i didnt like the ATI stocks because it meant me getting rid of my bayonet, and im known for not carrying alot of ammo, so i need it :D
    but the TAPCO stocks, man, they are niCE!