My new toy (Taurus Millennium .45)

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  1. My new toy (Taurus Millennium .45)


    I have not been able to make it out to the range yet and it's killin' me.
    Was moving my mother last weekend. And this weekend I wont have a spare moment thanks to a little more moving related items and then Father's Day. But the following weekend, it's on!!!
  2. Cool! I got my wife a Pink PT111MilPro, and she likes it, but she really wants a .45--- this may be the thing to get her--

    Let us know how she handles!

  3. BDW2084

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    Cool. 8) My brother has the mill. pro in .40 and likes his.
  4. Will do! I can't believe the build quality. I use to own the kel-tec 9mm and this taurus is so much more solid in my opinion. And it blows my mind to have 10+1 in .45 in a small package... wildt
  5. Good to hear.. thanks man...
    I had to get the .45 for I've tucked away a ton of .45 ammo....
  6. rds801

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    That is a beautiful firearm. Please give us details after you get the chance to use it. I am leaning towards the MilPro 9mm for carry. There are a few other pistols I am also looking at but the MilPro is at the top of the list right now. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks!!!
    I still have not shot it yet. Been going out of town every bloody weekend as of lately. I might just get to shoot it this weekend. I hope so!
    Like the grip on your Hi-Point...
  8. I took the Taurus PT145 to the range last weekend. I really didn't like it. I was not hitting paper! DUDE! After 50 rounds I was hitting paper, but not the center target. Finally around 100 rounds I could get about 30% of my shots on center. But this gun isn't for me. It's the second half plastic carry pistol I've tried and disliked. So I sold it already. Got pretty much what I paid, so I'm happy.
  9. Thayldt21

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    I would be Fibbing if I said that thing isnt sexy.

    Looks real good.

    Can I hold it??? :p:)

    I should change that Some perv is about to stop in on this thread.
  10. noemad

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    Other than your general dislike of the firearm, did you notice any failures with it?
  11. rds801

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    Sorry to hear that you didn't like it. What was the problem?
  12. I didn't like it because I didn't shoot well with it.
    It might not be the gun. It may be me. But I shoot really well with Hi-Point pistols, and of course my CZ...

    Any jams or issues? No. It worked perfectly.

    I just didn't work well with it for some reason.
    I still love Taurus though....
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    Hey: I shot a glock, and the grip angle turned me off on them.

    Not to start a hijack, or flame war....I carry a 1911. I am sure other Glock owners will interject now.
  14. I had the same experience with a glock once as well.
    And a keltec... and now the taurus....
    I'll stick to my CZ...
  15. rds801

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    Trying to find a range around me that will have some hanguns available to rent so I can try before I buy. I will have to travel a little bit to find one though.
  16. You rang? I'll pass this time
  17. Fourboxes

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    There is one in salt lake city utah, they have a range built onto the gunstore. They charge a fee for the range time, and then another fee to rent each gun, I want to say 8 bucks or something like that.

    It seemed too much for me, but if you want to take a roadtrip and there's nothing closer, it's an option.
  18. had a friend buy one of these and didnt like it one bit after he had it awhile , they carry great just performance wise sucked , tried a lot of different ammo and still groups were all over the place , and trigger pull was like crap ,
  19. Loxxa

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    i really like that oversize trigger & guard. you should buy some nice gloves for it. lol