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    As some of you may know, I've been looking for a 22LR SNS type of pistol with no luck thanks to living in a state with melting point laws. Well, if you ask enough people enough times, sooner or later you might find what you're looking for. Or at least something close.

    While specifically looking for a semi-auto, I was asked Saturday if I'd consider a revolver. Having "the sickness", of course the answer was yes. Well, a friend of mine knows an old guy who's had this thing sitting new in box for at least 35 years. I had to see it.

    This morning, said old man came into my shop and handed me a little brown box. Inside I found a small 8-shot revolver marked "Germany" on one side of the barrel, "Cal 22L R" (yes, spaced that way) on the other side of the barrel with matching serial numbers on the bottom of the barrel and the base of the grip. It's all steel with white plastic grips with the name "GECADO" inside a diamond at the top. The fit and finish is extremely nice and shows absolutely no signs of use... Certainly very little. The only thing wrong is a minor scratch in the bluing, probably from the wire bore brush included in the box.

    The first thing I thought when I looked at it was that it looked just like the pistols I used for playing cowboys and indians with 40 some years ago. The next thing I thought was I gotta have this. So I do.

    Cleaned and inspected it this morning, fired it at lunch. This is one sweet little piece.



    If anyone knows anything about these or knows of a good source of info, I'm all ears. I was able to find out that it was probably made between the late 50's and the early 70's, obviously in Germany by the company of H. Weirauch and was imported into the USA by FIE. Other than that I'm pretty clueless. Thanks!

    P.S. Forgot to mention. It has a 2.5" barrel, is 6" long overall, is 3.5" high and is SA/DA.
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    Found this floating around on the net.

    The Dornheim company (Dornheim G. C. Dornheim AG, Suhl. Germany) was the marketer but not the manufacturer of Gecado pistols. Gecado pistols were all made for Dornheim by other firearms manufacturers. Pre-war Gecado pistols were low quality 6.35mm and 7.65mm 'Eibar' automatics, manufactured by SEAM (q. v.). They bore the word 'Gecado' in a diamond.

    All post-war Gecado pistols were manufactured in Germany. Post-war Gecado models included various .22 caliber revolvers and a blowback operated model much like the pre-war models except for a difference in the location of the safety catch.Post-war Gecados were marked 'Gecado Mod II Cal xxx Made in Germany'

  3. When I was growing up my dad had two revolvers that looked identical to the one pictured above. One was a .22 Short and the other .22LR. If memory serves me right they were stamped R&G Germany or RG Germany.

    You may want to check out and see if they have spare parts for the Gecado or RG revolvers.
  4. Back when I was a kid my mom carried around a revolver identical to that one. That was back in the mid to late 60's!

    That is really a very nice looking revolver you have there. You don't see any of those anymore unless you stumble on someone who has one they want to get rid of or you luck out and find one in a pawn shop. I guarantee you probably won't find one that looks as good as that one!
  5. nice find hobo.. you are right about putting the word out.. it's funny how things work out sometimes...
  6. Looks like a Rohm RG10 to me,but the RG10 is a .22 shorty. :?:
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    Looks like a great buy to me