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  1. I just got a C9 on Christmas eve, and the other day my neighbor told my wife about a Davis 380 he was looking to get rid of (for room in the gun safe). She doesn't know much about guns, but heard pistol and $40 and said we'd take it without even seeing it (she's a good girl). Not a bad deal, the Davis 350, a holster, and a plastic case of ammo, about 40 rounds round nose and 25 hollow points.

    Davis 380

    Hi-Point C9

    I can't wait until I get some time off work to go to the range. =]
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  3. Way cool! And be sure to let your wife know that was a great move on her part; she snagged you a good deal there.
  4. great deal. I'm jealous
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    I think im gonna have to get me one of those little davis / Jennings / Bryco .380s... Local gunstore has one for $59... They think its junk there at the store.. I have seen some write ups somewhere about how to help these little buggers along in being more reliable. Some fool locally was trying to sell a davis .380 for $250.. (Used on craigslist) But I think ill pick up that little one out here you just cant beat such a cheap gun...

    I love this forum.. Someone talks about picking up a davis .380 and there arent 40 flamers lining up saying how they seen one blow up on someones cousin