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  1. Well I did my part to stimulate the economy I bought a NIB S&W sigma sw40ve cant wait to pop her cherry pics below sorry no toes and primal you may now start drooling 8) [​IMG]
  2. Ridge

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    Ahhh I miss my Sigma sometimes...had a good feel to it, even if the trigger was a bit heavy...made for a great training pistol, IMO...

  3. Very cool, hope you enjoy it and it treats you well!!
  4. 1knight, you suck dude. Nice pistol though! Congrats on the purchase.
  5. Why is that you wanted the .40 in all black I will have to post another vid when I get to the range
  6. I don't know. I like the look of my 9mm Sigma with the stainless slide, but the matte black one just looks meaner or something. They are both great looking guns, but I prefer the evil black if I can get it.
  7. did yours come with the little clip thingy that makes it so you can attach weaver rail accessories to your gun
  8. Nice pistol, needs some toes though ;)
  9. JasonJ

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    good nightstand guns.. good defensive pistol all together. my uncle has one.
  10. Ridge

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    Mine didnt. Bought it back in May of last year...

  11. Oh im just wondering because the guy at the gun shop tried to sell me the piece for 21.00 :shock: I thought it was a rip and it should have come with the gun
  12. Ridge

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    It must be an aftermarket part...maybe for another brand?
  13. well I checked S&W's site and I can find reference to it but for some strange reason you have to buy one of their "kits" I have found out my pistol is what they call the Allied Force and I could have got it in their Disaster Ready Kit If I had more money I would have bought this after seeing this to be parpared for when SHTF
    here is the kit also anyone with a Sigma are you able to have the slide move into battery when you push down on the slide release because I cannot and im wondering if its because its new
  14. Ridge

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    Mine had no problem going into battery from an open slide by dropping the release...thats what it is supposed to do, aint it?
  15. thats what I thought maybe because its new I will keep trying oh and just for you rim [​IMG]
  16. sevendreamz

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    Im lovin the GUN...Not the TOES...LOL.....very nice PIECE much was it, if you dont mind me asking...???
  17. The gun was 349.98 but I paid 458.91 for everything 41.90 for a blachawk serpa level2 holster a box of 50 winchester rangers and a 50 box of blazer brass
  18. Krippp

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    ahhh the Sigma, quickly following the mosin as the second favorite weapon on this site
  19. UPDATE: went to the range yesterday and put 100 rounds through her not one single problem shots were alittle off seeing as I haven't been to the range in 4 months plus I was pulling and flinching but once I got it I was able to do the Lethal weapon smiley face. I did meet a snob there with his son shooting a Lorcin and he says my HP is a POS and my sigma is a POS also. So I setup next to him and literally blew the head off my target with my C9
  20. They had a Lorcin and they said your HP was a POS? I would have laughed my a$$ off...... :lol: I guess assholes are everywhere.....even on the range...... :roll:

    Oh, and nice Sigma.......I thought about one of those at one point, but for a full size pistol I like single action and a external hammer if I can get it.....sure is a purty gun though! :p