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  1. duker_sponk

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    I was going to get myself a RIA 1911 but ended up getting to get a decent shotgun for home defense. Sorry for such a crap pic. It's my old camera.
  2. Jarhead1775

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    Is that a Remington 870? Its very nice, good luck with it.

  3. duker_sponk

    duker_sponk Guest

    Good ol' classic 870 yes.
  4. Nice choice!!!!! Love the 870
  5. Langford

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    Good looking shotty! I have two 870's and love them both. My 12gauge is all done up for home defence, and my 20gauge is just plain jane for rabbit hunting...neither one has ever given me a problem.
  6. duker_sponk

    duker_sponk Guest

    Yeah I'm not sure if I should go just a bit know buy a few toys for it. I like the telescoping stocks they make for them and the shell holders but I am also thinking of keeping it as is. Any suggestions?
  7. Nice looking 870!

    For gizmo's and gadgets I would definitely add a sling, side saddle ammo carrier, ghost ring tactical shotgun front and rear sights.

    I love ghost ring combat sights on shotguns, not only do they make sight acquisition faster but the give the shotty an even meaner look.
  8. duker_sponk

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    RimFire, do you know about the telescoping butt stocks you can put on them? I was considering one but I'm not sure. I have one on my Romanian AK and it makes it pretty cool to shoot. I definately want to go with a ghost ring/heat shield combo for it as the single bead sight is kind of crude.