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  1. A while back I got into .44's and have since purchased two handguns in .44 Special and a Marlin 1894 lever rifle in .44Sp/Mag. While at one of the local guns shops today I saw this one that had just came in. Its a NEF Handi Rifle in .44 Mag, had 22" barrel, sling studs, drilled for scope rail and the price is $229. Have a few things to take care of in the next week or two and then will be picking this little beauty up to add to my growing collection of .44's.

    NEF .44Mag, 22" barrel $229 NIB locally
  2. Looks like a break barrel single shot... Not a bad price either. Looks like a good score all around.

  3. yeah, the NEF and H&R's are break barrel single shots, just like the single shot shotguns offered by the same companies. The beauty of owning a rifle receiver is you can get multiple rifle barrels fitted to the receiver as well as shotgun barrels too. they also have a .50cal muzzleloader barrel but I prefer my TC Hawken .45cal sidelock.

    I will get this one in .44 Mag then send the receiver in and get a .357Mag barrel fitted for $82 + shipping to them.

    I used to have one some years back with a 30-30 barrel, .22 Hornet and 20ga barrels.
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    I have owned NEF Survivor in .223, Handi in 308, H&R Fluted Varmint in 22-250 and was very favorably impressed with them. Today, @ a local gun s shop, I saw a used NEF Handi Rifle.laminated stock, open sights & drilled and tappped, 45/70 that is in excellent condition for $229.00.Since selling my Marlin Guide Gun in 45/70, I have missed shooting the bigbore gun.Tuesday,I'll call the shop and have them hold it for me to buy that afternoon.
    I've never taken advantage of the barrel program that Rimfire mentions,but from what I've read on GBO forums, it is a great program.
    I can tell you,however, that H&R/Marlin has great products and Customer Service. Good luck,Rimfire,on your next H&R/NEF rifle collection.
  5. That does look like a good score, RFH.
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    That in 5.56 would make a great SHTF gun for food gathering. But 44mag would be a bunch of fun.