My No.4 MkII Irish contract

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  1. Finally got around to taking a couple pics of last year:

    All number matching...
    Very accurate indeed old chap...pip pip! ;)
  2. Sweet! I always wanted to get into the British rifles, but then that would be another caliber I would have to stockpile

    EDIT Spelling mistake

  3. Yeah, I couldn't pass her up though...

    Got 300 rds of Greek HXP and 300 rds of 1981 dated S.African ammo for it to digest...:D
  4. Ari

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    A MKII is the best of 303s! That is very nice. I knew I liked you.

    One of my favorite guns of all time. Here is my MKII.. A friend who owned a gun store got me this gun for $128 about 15 years ago. I ran the history on the weapon and it was made in 1952 and put into ready reserve and never issued. So I am the first owner and got to shoot the barrel in.

  5. elguapo

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    Both of those are nice!
  6. Nice rifles. I've always liked SMLEs. :wink:
  7. Beauty!
    Something like yours is around $450-$500 easy...

    Paid $300 otd for mine...guy wanted $350...haggled him down...
  8. neothespian

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    Man, my little sis would KILL for that gun! An Enfeild and Irish contracted at that? Yep. She'd want one.