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  1. Per Moderator's request, here's a pic of my guns:

    1979 vintage Glenfield/Marlin model 60 fitted with an ATI stock and 4x scope. Great little plinker. Hadn't fired it in 20+ years and it works like brand new.

    2007 Hi-Point 995. Added ATI stock and a red dot sight. Oh what fun we're having now. Amazingly accurate out to 50 yards.

    2007 S&W M&P 9mm. Great gun for the indoor range.

    1988 S&W 669 compact 9mm. The Miami Vice gun.

  2. Practical, simple and fun. Great collection!

  3. duker_sponk

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    Do you like that ATI stock for the Model 60? I have one on my 10/22 and I haven't quite made up my mind on it yet. I know they are similar. Love the M&P!
  4. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    Glad to see so many M&P's as of late, it was my pistol of choice for a while for next pistol purchase but i'm still drawn to the XD too...
  5. I like it.

    Did you Marlin drop-in the ATI stock? I can't remember if I had to "fit" mine or not.
  6. ChrisP

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    Why are you calling the 669 the Miami Vice gun, who carried it in the show?
  7. Jarhead1775

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    Crockett carried a Bren-Ten. Tubbs had the shotty and revolver.
  8. Ari

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  9. He only carried it for 2 seasons, the I think he moved to the S&W 4506..Just an FYI...

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    you are missing a shot gun to join the 16% of americans. lol. Nice collection
  11. Jarhead1775

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    I got the correct info (I Hope):

    Bren Ten, manufactured by Dornaus & Dixon, was a stainless-steel handgun that was used during the first season by Sonny Crockett (Johnson).[77] It was the state-of-the-art gun during the first two seasons of Miami Vice, until Dornaus & Dixon went out of business in 1986.[77] Since the company went out of business, the Miami Vice production couldn't allow Crockett to use an out of date firearm. Smith & Wesson was given the contract to outfit Sonny (Johnson) with a S&W Model 645.[80][81][77] This was the gun used in the third season of Miami Vice.[77] Later on in the series, Crockett would also use a S&W Model 4506,[75] a Detonics Combat-Master,[40] and a S&W Model 4513.[69]

    Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) used a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun in the first season. In later seasons, he used an Ithaca 37 sawed-off pump shotgun called an Ithaca Stakeout,[77] and a Sig Sauer 9 mm P228.[81] Stan Switek can be seen using a variety of weapons, including a nickel-plated 9mm FN GP-35 Hi-Power.[44] The other characters of the show can be seen using different model firearms. The villains of the show used Steyr AUG[80] and M16 assault rifles,[77] H&K MP5 submachine guns, and the Street-Sweeper shotgun.
  12. i havent seen one of them ol smiths in a longtime , great carry pistol for sure
  13. Nice guns, its like an addiction you buy one you gotta get more :wink:
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    Jarhead: good info, as I remember all three handguns you listed!
    Back then, I used to keep track of firearms alot more than I do now. I knew the Bren 10 manufactures went out of bidness. I saw he had a 645 and that little 1911 as backup....amazing how he never printed with them!
  15. elguapo

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    BTW: Vic Mackey, the angry little bald man on "The Shield" has a 645 for his duty weapon.