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    This is one of my other Hobbies aside from shooting and blowing sh!t up :) I'm in the middle of a remodel project on this as I have a new computer to add to it, and some of my other gear is not in the pic as I'm re-arranging my little play corner. Wife gave me an entire room to myself in the basement--I assume so she doesn't get a headache :) Got some model trains in there as well (can't see them in pic though)

    I'm saving up for a professional studio table to have my computer, keyboards, and all other equipment within easy reach. Problem is those things are EXPENSIVE. It'll probably run me $300-$500 for the studio furniture. I'll probably go all out and deck a few walls with acoustic insulting foam boards that help with the rooms acoustics, and helps with dead zones. That too is another $400-$600! Music gear isn't cheap :(

  2. Nice dude.......I dabble with the keyboard from time to time......not real proficient with it, but I can get by with a couple things......

  3. I just bought a distortion pedal for my Electric guitar, but can't seem to get the damn thing to work... it's brand new, never been opened. I checked the 9 volt battery, and it's got juice. I need to get another cord for it though, only have one. Maybe it takes the 2 cord connection to the guitar, pedal and amp before it'll come on.... I have never owned an electric guitar before, but I've been playing since I was 12.

    Nice set up dude, love that 6 string cutaway.
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    You'll need a chord running the guitar to the input of the pedal, and another chord running the output of the pedal to an amp.

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    I've been playing lead Guitar in the clubs for 17 years and now am retired from the music business other than a few jam sessions. That is a cool setup you have. I also play bass and drums. If I could sing, I could get something like you have and make my own CD's.
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    With all my equipment (many items not show in that photo), I'm able to do my own CD's. In the pic (hard to see), I have a Fostex digital 8 track recorder with a built in cond. microphone. The unit has a USB port that allows me to transfer to desktop for backup, and CD burning.

    The keyboard on the top is a Roland RS-70 Synth. Not a bad little synth either. It has an internal 16 midi track sequencer. The unit under that is a Yamaha digital piano, and it's midi'd up to the Roland. I also have recording software on that computer that allows me to do much more indepth work.

    I've been playing music now for 27 years total. Did it for a living for several years, and now it's just my hobby. I want some new synths, but a new synth will run $2400.00 (YIKES!)

  7. Hey squeak_D,

    Looks like all you need now is a drummer. 8)

    I've played drums since 1987. But I haven't been playing much in the last ten years since I got married. It's always fun to get a few dudes together for a gig once in a while, though.

    Next time I get my kit out, I might take some pics of it. It's a Pearl Export series 5-piece kit with twin bass pedals (that I never quite learned to play), Zildjian and Paiste cymbals, and Remo Pinstripe heads on the toms. Man I miss playing that thing sometimes.

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    I'm actually going to be buying a new drum kit :) I sold my old one some time ago. I've been using drum machines (one in that pic), and using my synth to create my drum tracks.

    I'm looking at a Roland V drum set. They have a new one that's very affordable. It's essentially a baby V-Drum kit for $800
  9. That would be a lot of fun. I thought a few times about getting electrics, but never got around to it. Years ago, I played at a church which had the Roland PAD-80 with DW 5000 bass drum trigger, fed through an Alesis D4 interface. I really like the system for its portability and sound quality. I know there's been a lot of newer and better equipment now being made since then.

    When you're limited on space, electric drums are hard to "beat". :wink:

  10. Cool stuff man. I used to have a keyboard (cheaper one) and would love to get another. In fact i was looking just the other day. Also looking for mayebe a learners drum set. Need to just pick one though.

    I have 3 guitars at the moment. 1 electric acoustic, 1 reguar acoustic, and a strat. I used to have a les paul body electric. was sexy. But I had to sell it.

    Started playing when I was 13 or so. Still suck. lol.
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    If you're looking to get another keyboard drop me a PM. I used to sell keyboards, guitars, and drums (was a music store manager quite a few years ago). I still stay up to date on all the latest boards, guitars, and drums. I'd be more than happy to help with a few suggestions based on where your skill level is and what you plan to do with the keyboard in terms of use (be it for personal or prof.)

    The keyboards I have in the pic aren't too expensive. The top one was a $1000 synth, but I got lucky and got it on closeout for $629, and I paid several hundred bucks for the digital piano underneath it. They're not the most expensive ones I've owned as I've paid over 2 grand (each) for some of my previous keyboards. The upper line is very expensive.
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    The idea of a HPFF rock band intrigues me... I'd be happy to let my guitar or mandolin to the cause!!! :p
  13. I would lend my talents, such as they are to the cause as well. That would rock... Of course, the airline tickets just to go to band practice 3 times a week would really suck... :wink:
  14. my pedal required 2 cords....
  15. You guys could be Hi-Point's house band for the shot show next year.Have Neo as your agent.
  16. Yeah, I got the distortion pedal figured out... I had to swap the cords from the amp to the guitar, the in and out cords 3 times to get the damn thing to connect properly so the unit would come on.
  17. Drummer/Guitarist ready to go here :). Also have a PreSonus Firepod up for sale if anyone needs a 24 bit firewire recording interface. Also have a bunch of mics.
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    I think Neo would fit nicely as manager/cowbell player!