My own worse enemy...part 2 **PICTURES UP! **

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  1. Makin BLTs tonight for dinner and decided to cook the whole package of bacon so that it wouldn't go bad in the fridge and can be used for sandwhichs or a quick breakfast sandwich in the morning. I cooked it all up, at a BUNCH of grease piping hot and went to dump it out back off the porch. Well the gate on the porch was open and the dogs were waiting to force their way in. While trying to prevent hot grease straight from the burner from spilling on the dogs, I fell forward and the grease came straight back across my hand. This was the worse pain I've felt in a long time. The skin instantly melted in some areas and within about 20 minutes I had blisters forming in other areas. The hair is under the skin now where it melted on top. Went to the ER in terrible pain, took forever to get back in the back where they hit me with a nice dose of morphine that helped take the edge, but never actually made the pain away. Now I've got hit by shrapnel, lobbed a chunk of finger, and have hurt myself in many many ways, but the intense burning that lasted forever far out did those. Doc says its second and very very mild third degree burns, so it should heal up with some scarring, but nothing serious. So now I have a big ol gause wrapped
  2. Youch, some luck Taurus. Burns can be worse than anything as far as pain.

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    A few years ago I was vacationing in Branson, MO (armpit of America, I call it) and went to the water park my last day there...with no sunblock.

    Ended up with 2nd degree burns over my shoulders and upper back...Blisters were a b*tch, and there is still decent scarring and lots of soft tissue there to this day, but it wont be bad for too long...
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    Well last time was the Thumb and it was about what I get from biting My nails so I need pics.

    As I remeber the man card was pulled. No offfence but a eye drop size of grease on the hand does not doctor warrant. J/K :):p

    couldn't resist
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    6 ounces of gause just to cover the little blister.

    I yankin your chain bro.
  6. Man, between you and Newskate I just can't get anywhere. Luckily his snide arse hasn't found this post...yet.
  7. Get something with Lidocaine. Speedy recovery! :)
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    Yeah, I put Lidocaine on after a week with no progress and my blisters were gone in like 6 days...
  9. I got this other stuff the doctor prescribed. benzozsomething. I'm feelin good on the lingering effects of the morphine and the percocets they also prescribed.
  10. Own worst enemy my arse! YOU ARE A SELF TERRORIST!!!!!

    Get well soon my friend!
  11. I'm wondering... how are you typing with your hand wrapped in gauze?
  12. Man O' man Taurus, between you and Neo I don't know who has it worse! Be CAREFUL !! :roll:
  13. What, your trying to out do me?

    I was gonna make some joke about me catching my hair on fire but I think I just better shut up and not jinks myself.

    Burns are very painful. Keep it clean, prevent infection and as always... learn form it.... next time let the grease cool... no need to raise your risk factors.

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    Gee you are dangerous remind me NEVER get near you when you have a firearm with you........I might just get "accidentally shot"

    Hmmm.......I wonder if they still make those balls they put people so they don't hurt themselves.
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    Man, sorry to hear, Taurus!! Hope you get well buddy!

    I think a show of "Wounded hands" of us forumers would be a good thread: Just us doing our thing, and always it seems, our mitts or the digits get the worst of it.

    Get well soon homie!
  16. [ Cue shark music from Jaws........ dmm dmm ............ dmm dmm .............. dmm dmm dmm dmm dmm dmm dmm ..........Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ]

    Holy crap, where do I start! First, I have to stop laughing so hard from Thay's comments - he's top shelf too, ya know. And now I got this standard to uphold...... the pressure is just too much. :lol: :lol:

    Seriously, man that totally sucks. You'll be feeling and thinking about this one for a long time my friend. And you NEED to take special care of it as I'm sure you've been told - breeching the skin barrier is not a good thing.

    And last - I imagine were the bunch of us here, able to visit you on that back porch tonight and share a beer, we'd laugh till it hurt. You take care and PLEASE, no firearms for a while! Be better T.
  17. damn bra...I woulda just rubbed some dirt in it and forgot about it....but to each his own. :p Honestly though, that sucks man...ouch
  18. My finger tips are exposed as the grease burn is on the back of my hand. Got a nifty blister this morning that takes up half my hand and jiggles, pain is nearly gone, about that of a mild sunburn. Goin to follow up with my doc today and see if he'll pop it for me. Couldnt find my camera last night and left my phone at work and is now dead so i dont think I'll get any good pics right away before the melted skin part peels off, but will see what I can do tonight for you guys. Just gonna make reloading this weekend a pain in the ass.