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    Ok, i got this lever action .22. Its a "Revelation Model 117". it fires, i shot rounds through it, my problem is however that the lever is not pulling out the spent round. now, could it be that the cartrage is expandng too much in the barrell and wont come out? Ive been reduced to loading it one at a time and ejecting the spent round with a ramrod down the barrell, its like im plinking with a weak arse muzzleloader! i dought i'll ever take it too a smithy and waste money on a old gun, but what do you guys think it is? thanks
  2. Are the casings difficult to push out?

  3. The extractor might be worn out or have a weak spring. Those are what I would check first and then check the reciever to see if you have any metal burrs in the chamber.
  4. Bent or broken extractor is first guess.