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    Well, I recently purchased a High-Point C9, took it out to the ol' range the same day. I had done a little bit of studying regarding this pistol before I purchased it, so I knew the potential risks of buying (aka it might be a jam-o-matic). I was SOOO hoping to be one of those guys to be here telling you all how I put 1000 rounds downrange with it with no problems whatsoever. I'm not one of those lucky SOBs. lol.

    I knew it may be finicky about ammo, so I grabbed some Remington 115gr and Winchester 115gr (basically what they had at The Beast aka Walmart). Started off with the Winchester, I remembered reading somewhere that it may be best loading the 8rd clip with 7rds instead, until it's broken in. So I did that. First shot fired like a champ. The next round was loaded into the chamber, BUT the trigger wasn't back in the ready position. So I had to eject that (good) round and load another. Fired that round, then the same thing, the next round was a no go. Basically, it wouldn't fire every other round. So, I decided to try the Remington ammo. Same problem.

    Well, I was half expecting to have problems, maybe not every other round, but yeah. Remembering that many of you say it has a break in period I decided to just shoot/eject/shoot/eject until I fired a couple of hundred rounds through it. Maybe smooth out the issues. I swear it started having MORE issues after I fired about 60 rounds. Double feeding, firing once out of every three rounds sometimes. It got dark and I decided it was time to consult the experts.

    I have everything I need to polish the feed ramp and tweak the mag. But, IDK...what do you guys think I should do? I know from the high praise I've heard from some that this is capable of being a wonderful pistol so what do you guys think is the best course of action for making that happen? Thanks in advance for the help. :)
  2. welcome as for your problem you might want to check your mag before you polish your feed ramp sounds like a mag problem check to see if your mag lips are too far apart.

  3. Welcome to the forum malcdogg, very sorry to hear that you are having problems.

    If the second round is loading into the chamber correctly and the trigger will not set it off, I think you are having trouble with the firing pin not locking back for the next shot like it should, for whatever reason.

    If you are handy with weapons, it is pretty easy to take a C9 down and perhaps there is a obstruction around the firing pin or trigger linkage of some sort that is causing the trouble.

    Have you tried using an empty mag (and pistol of course) and pulling the slide all of the way to the rear, release, insert the mag and see if it dry fires? If it does drop the mag again and repeat and see if it dry fires every time.

    This would help to see if the pistol is cocking every time like it should.

    Other wise, give Hi Point a call and they will of course make things good for you.

    Again, sorry to hear that you are having the trouble you are having, keep us posted on what happens.
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    1knight, thanks for the advice, the mag is definitely something I plan to have a look at, since it seems to be a common issue.

    waltham41, Not so sure how I feel about taking the C9 down, as so far my experience with taking down firearms is limited to my old Astra .357 revolver and My Bushmaster Carbon 15.

    I just dry fired it 20 times, and it didn't "fire" about 20% of the time.
  5. malcdogg if it fails at dry firing, that is something inside the pistol. I would suggest that you call Hi Point and they will most likely want you to send it back in so they can fix it for you.
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    Alright then. Thanks for the help.
  7. No problem, keep us posted on how it goes. They WILL fix it, that much is for sure.