My reaction surprised myself.....

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  1. .... or something like that.

    Anyhow. Always carry to stores, malls, etc. Seems the safest thing to do these days. Wife and I are loading massive groceries into the trunk of my car and I hear multiple voices in the area. Teens, talking like teens talk, to each other. One drops an F bomb to the other and my wife looks at them and says "nice mouth". I look up around the lid of the trunk to see who she just confronted and it's three rather large youngsters. They look at her, and say nothing, and keep on walking. Best possible outcome.

    Only after the fact, did I notice: When I looked up, my left hand dropped the milk into the trunk and became free. My right hand, which was already empty had moved to pull my jacket away from my side, like was putting my hand in my pants pocket. I didn't pull the jacket aside, but my hand was gripping it and could've.

    I've practice drawing with this coat on hundreds of times. I was only a thought away from being ready to move.

    Now - just so you don't think I'm a hot head, I'm not! But, after I replayed the event over a few times, I was surprised by my confidence. In the past, before carrying, when my wife took on the role of F-bomb patrol, I must admit I was a bit nervous especially if the target was big and/or multiple. My confidence didn't take me to action, but it take me to readiness.

    The easy answer is, tell your wife to shut up. On the other hand, I believe more adults standing up the bad behavior is what we need today. And besides, my wife won't shut up - I've tried already in some extreme instances.

    I'm sharing this because it was a first for me. I have no doubt I would have retreated had they said something back, and tried to diffuse the situation. It was just a strange feeling and reaction.

    Any one else get that way after carrying for a bit?
  2. I think that you did the correct thing, that is what you train for . When we ard putting bags of groceries or other items in the car or truck Angel is always the lookout . All she does is look for someone getting close wheather they are a possible threat or not and let me know . Please don't take my next statement the wrong way , IMHO your wife should have let you know that someone was approaching and then not said anything and leave it up to you . Sometimes these young punks are just looking for a fight , even though you could have taken controll of the situation fast .

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    What you did was what you have pratcied to do, it has become instinctive and that is a good thing. As to telling your wife to shutup, nope don't go there, she is just as entitled NOT to have the hear that crap as you are to protect her and yourself. She did good and yes as you stated, if more people stoodup to bad behavior, it wouldn't be as bad as it is.

    All in all, you both rate very high marks in my book. Why to go!
  4. Good that your ready to protect you and your family. Maybe a bit to quick on the potential draw for my tastes but its your call buddy ;)

    As for the F word and what not, although its distasteful to say it around those who'd rather not hear it, id let it go. Its a simple word. Not worth causing an altercation over. If children were around Id be more apt to ask them to watch it around the kids. In fact I would.
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    You were completely aware of what was going on and ready to react. Well done!
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    Just remember the 3 "Conditions" when you are out and about, doing the normal everyday thing.

    Condition Green: Mood: Calm: Everything is peaceful, you let your guard down, you are not being mindful of what is going on around you. This is where you get hurt.

    Condition Yellow: Mood: Aware: You are alert, but not the the point of paranoia. You are aware of your surroundings, what is happening, and if someone were watching you; They would think you were just acting normal. This is where you should be 99% of the time.

    Condition Red: Mood: Panic: You are on high alert, and something is happening right now. This could be a SHTF/BG senario. You are now jerking your head left and right, identifying threats, handling them as they come. You are protecting your family/life, and are doing so at all costs. Tunnel vision and seeing red may apply here.

    Rational thinking is the best thinking to do, unless there is no time to think. Then you just DO.

    Kudos to Newskate!
  7. It's good to know you have the reflexes. I used to tell one girlfriend I had who was always saying what she thought to total strangers, "Try not to get me into any fight that I can't win." She was who she was and didn't change, and I only almost once got into one fight. :?
  8. Now THAT's a great line! I fear my wife likely lines up with your lady friend however..... oh well.
  9. Being prepared to challenge a threat in any situation is a good thing Newskate. I think you're personal training and the confidence that you earned by it really did you well in that situation. Good job buddy!
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    Congratz on being well prepared and properly trained.

    Now, I mean no offense by this next comment, and if it comes off strong, its because this is a "controversial" topic for me.

    I believe your wife should of kept her mouth shut, and if they had cussed her out and/or told her off, they'd be completely in the right. Fuck is just a word, that society has given a negative connotation. Its societies own insecurities and ridiculous, tradition, I'd guess you'd say, that gives the word such a bad meaning. So the teens use the word fuck, but was it used in an insulting manner, or did they just say something like "I had a fucking awesome time last night." ?
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    True: to a point.
    Not to sound like a hypocrite, I do cuss and curse quite often. I DO know, when you use it often, the effect lessens.
    Around kids, I TRY to refrain from using such language. Meeting new people, again, i refrain from that. At work, I refrain from it.

    True, for the most part, we are all adults here, and act accordingly. We do know right from wrong, and act like it. And with age, comes maturity. The ability to think back on one's actions, and see the total effect of those actions on the world around you, or to you. Maybe, just maybe, those kids didnt know that yes, using adult language out in public was one way that they thought to show they were growing up (didnt say mature). and, in a way, wanting respect.
    For me, language like that from younger people will not get respect from me. There, sounds hypicritical yet? Instead, I conjure scorn, and derisement from that. Instead of furthur thoughts of negativity, I wonder about thier background, and thier upbrignging. And I have to shake my head at that.

    So, with that being said: Newskate, goodonya, for your wife wanting to publicly correct some youths. Parenting happens even to other kids. I am sure thier quietness rocked them a little, and thus never made comment back. As for your preps, Double goodonya.
  12. Mordecai,

    I thank you for being honest and open and "pulling no punches". Let me say I mean no offense by this next comment: At the risk of hijacking my own thread.....

    I wasn't sure exactly how to take your thoughts on what some one should be allowed to say in public, and how society makes it bad, and so on. Then I saw another post of yours saying you were 17 years old. Your post makes more sense to me now. What you choose to call insecurities and ridiculous tradition I might call common sense and politeness, appropriateness, and courtesy.

    I curse quite a bit too, when I whack my thumb with a hammer and when Penn State goes another 3 and out, when I'm not in mixed company. I teach my kids, (ages 16-22) when they are out, they are respectful and treat everyone as they would have their mom treated. Every answer to any question by an "elder" better end in sir or ma'am, or they'll get it. Please and thank you better be part of every exchange. My one son plays hockey, and the other football. They curse up storm on the field / ice and as an athlete myself, I consider THAT a part of tradition, and being a boy / man. Just like scratching and spitting.

    But, out and about, in mixed company, in public and all that - man you better not ever let me hear that.

    So yes, I'm old fashioned. I may not have confronted those boys were I by myself, and especially if it were only the few of us. My wife on the other hand, like some others here, raised boys and knows the (her) rules. And when I was 17, and I did say something like that, in public, in front of my dad........ let's just say OUCH doesn't do it justice.

    I agree there's a time and place - and some degree of smart that dictates when it's right to confront - and she has quite a bit of chalk on her shoes as I've admitted. Point taken. But in the bigger picture, yep, I'll carry the banner.
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    I just feel its another word that part of our vocabulary, and that using it shouldn't carry a negative connotation. If you here a kid say "fuck that" you're probably gonna think he was raised badly, doesn't have any respect, etc. But why, its just another word. Unless it is used negatively, such as "Fuck you!" I don't see whats so bad about the word. Its just a word, why take offense unless its meant to be offensive?
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    I think you did just fine man. You didn't draw but you made sure that you could if need be real fast.
  15. I think you did just what you should have done. You primary duty is protection of yourself and family and you need to be on gaurd and ready. As your actions dictated, you didn't act hastily or without provication. You just deminstrated why we practice to be alert and ready.
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    Just a word,,,,, hmmm,,,,, that is a novel viewpoint,,,, leaves the door wide open for a bunch of different replies. That would mean that the U.S. Constitution is just a bunch of words. The Bible is just a bunch of words. That this reply is just a bunch of meaningless, useless words that carries no weight whatsoever and means nothing at all ever. Hmmmm,,,, the possibilities are endless and, now I learn,,,,, so very empty and worthless that all the knowledge of mankind that has ever been put in the form of words is worth less than a thimble of monkey piss. I think now that I know the truth I will unlearn how to read, forget how to speak ANY language and just run around naked, grunting, and throwing my own feces and anyone nearby. Oh, wait,,,,,, that would make me a monkey,,, where is a thimble? I need to take a leak. Remember the preceding was just words, only words so it should invoke no feelings at all,,,,ever.
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    Lets take it down a notch, guys: we are getting off track here.

    I admit to adding to it, but in this vein, its going nowhere, ok?

  18. Lets see here,

    Kid cusses, wifey makes snide comment, you prepare to deploy weapon.

    Now if the teen had stepped in her direction were you going to pull on him? to me that would be brandishing and you could set yourself up for a lifes worth of trouble.

    The thing reads to me that she tried to start a confrontation. Not good.
  19. The situation still had a lot of room for de-escalation. Doesn't hurt to be prepared though. My biggest concern would be someone else who carried noticing the "Signs". THAT would then be considered a major escalation.
  20. Agree - the point I was trying to make was around my awareness and readiness / confidence. Clearly, the part of my training that involves saying stop, back off, and all the words necessary to tone it down, were first on my list. Don't take my orig post as I pulled my jacket back and squared off like the OK Corral - my hands barely moved.... but everything mentally was in a different position than I might have expected before "carrying". I was quite a bit more aware and thus ready.