My recently-refurbished and immediately ATI-ed 995.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by stremph, Nov 20, 2007.

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    And yes, I "borrowed" Onepoint's color scheme. Because it is freakin' awesome. And I needed something other than another damned black gun to break up the monotony of my ARSEnal.


    I bought it used for $150 out the door about 3 weeks ago. Pretty bare-bones when I got it and showed heavy use. I called Hi-Point telling them I got a used 995 and wanted to buy a scope rail for it. The awesome woman on the phone told me to send in my new batch of "machined parts" for inspection, since, as she put it "people who sell guns usually do so for a reason." She assured me that all it would cost me was shipping via UPS ground ($16 from AZ) and they'd make sure it was in good working order. Lifetime warranty and all that.

    I got it back today, in a factory box (I had shipped it to them in a skateboard box), complete with scope rail, sling swivels, sling, owner's manual, multi-tool, trigger lock, and some other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting. I also got a note telling me what they fixed and/or replaced:


    Needless to say, I'm VERY pleased with this company.

    While the new stock they replaced the old one with was much more "sturdy" (or more accurately, less "bendy/flexy") than the original, I've been prettying up a new ATI stock for it while it was off being fixed. Replacement was fairly easy and intuitive enough that the few glances I took at the ATI installation instructions a week and a half ago got me through it. Took some jimmying, but I got it to work with no Dremeling or drilling.

    The stock (purchased hassle-free through - THANKS FOR THE AWESOME FAST SERVICE AND GREAT PRICE) was finished with Krylon Fusion Camouflage Khaki spray paint. If I had more money to throw at it, I probably would have done it in Duracoat's Desert Mint, but that's always a possibility in the future.

    I decided to leave the front sight on for now, though it serves no purpose, other than making the weapon look a little better to me than just having that naked pencil barrel out there. I think a Moerse-Lekker shroud is next, then most likely a bipod.

    Can't wait to shoot this thing.

    Been lurking the site for a few weeks for ideas and info, y'all are great bunch of folks.
  2. That looks good, man!

  3. Looks good, I like the color. :D
  4. SonOfLiberty

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    That's a great color scheme! I really liked it on Onepoints gun...looks good on yours as well.
    Patriot2980 was considering something similar on one of his 995s.
    I personally wouldn't do it because I would be afraid of mucking it up.
    But you did a great job.
    What type of sight have you got on that?
  5. Beautiful work stremph, ya done good!

    Hi-Point customer service is second to none. Congrats on possibly the best, most fun shooter you'll ever own.
  6. stremph

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    It's the BSA 33mm 4-dot sight that Midway has on sale for $30 right now.
  7. Cool!
    Think I just found the setup for my new used 995...thanks for the link!
  8. 1motion

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    thats a good lookin setup you have there... definatly worth the $16 shipping i would say.
  9. Ridge

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    Nice weapon!! That TruGlo looks like a carbon copy of my BSA, just with a new caps for the adjustment screws...
  10. Dockem

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    Nice looking, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    I already had my Duracoat ordered before you posted your paint scheme, so I guess mine will look very similar also. :D

    Amazing how good this carbine can look with a little work!

    Great job. My duracoating will be a winter project.
  11. Heck yeah, nicely done. Something just classy about tan and black.
  12. Fenix

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    Love the look you have there, but I think I'm gonna go for :


    on mine instead of the tan.
  13. Ya know, I REALLY like that color scheme.... As people have posted and I've looked at the picture more and more, that thing is just sharp looking... I really like that.
  14. cptbhern

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    That is a damn fine job stremph!

    I have been staring at it for awhile now and I think I would like to do something very similar for the paint scheme. I have a Barska holo sight that is very near identical to the one you have.

    Was there anything that I should look out for when painting the ATI?
  15. tatters

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    Holy cow, that's nice!!
  16. JasonJ

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    very impressive.. both the carbine AND hi-points little note.
  17. stremph

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    The biggest pain was masking the curvy/concave areas, especially the forward edge of the trigger guard. For these areas, I cut pie-slice-shaped pieces of masking tape and bascially just trial-and-errored my way through it. It worked out pretty good, it just took a while to get it masked right.

    Of course, Onepoint avoided that mess entirely by not painting the triggerguard area at all. I initially considered doing it that way, but thought I'd experiment with it, and I like the way it came out.

    For the stock comb/handguard, I just covered them with masking tape and traced the edge of the raised areas with an Xacto knife.

    What type of finish are you looking to put on yours?