my review of an ultrafire xml-t6

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    Let me start out by saying, if I need a flashligt I always reach for my streamlight stinger led. that light has taken more abuse than it should have and keeps going.

    That said my incan streamlight blew a bulb and a battery, and is generally tired. I needed a knockabout flashlight and this fit the bill.

    The ultrafire brand is Making something of a name for itself. It is a cheap Chinese flashlight That is throwing way more lumens in something in its class should The The flashlight feels solid and the candlepower forums seem to like em alot for the money. My xml -t6 Came with 1 18650 battery A charger And of course the flashlight itself.
    The light has 5 different modes Bright, medium, dim, flash, and SOS. It continually cycles through them and doesn't reset to the standard bright.
    The lens throws a fantastic flood, But as with a lot of the cheap Chinese Flashlights There is a lot of artifact in the light beam When dialed into a point. There is a halo and A square led element Easily visible in the beam pattern When tightened down all the way.The flashlight is able to accept an optional onboard charger However The one I purchased didn't have one come with it. There is a small rubber plug that fits in the charger hole but it feels generally cheap

    The flashlight is able to Un thread at the focusing mechanism the head and the battery chamber. I made the mistake of taking apart at the focusing mechanism and lost the detent spring. However I found the factory detent spring to be fairly weak I replaced it with a ballpoint pen spring and all is well The head of the flashlight can be taken off and it can be used in candle mode like a maglite.

    It does have a tactical style end on it That looks like you could use it to thrust into somebody to stun them However I wouldn't recommend it With the focusing mechanism on the end you might get one good hit in

    The light is bright white/purpleyblue and throws easily two blocks. Further in the country, a reflector a mile or so away shined

    All in all for $11 to my door not bad at all
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    I have about 8 ultrafire lights, I have one 501b that I use to use for work about 2 years (very hard on it), I took it on a all night kayak trip... we pulled off the water about 4AM on Saturday morning and I was very tired... I didn't realize I dropped the light in the water at the boat ramp until the next day... I figured "long gone", but all day Monday I couldn't get over loosing that light... After work Monday I went down to the ramp, waded in knee deep, barefooted, feeling around in the mud/rocks... I actually found that light, rinsed the mud off and clicked it on... Submerged in the water for 2 days, gotten run over multiple times with boat trailer tires, and still works today..

    Nope it's not a Surefire, but "bang for buck" a surefire can't come close...

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    I have some of the smaller CREE lights, they say 1200 lumens
    but are likely just 300, Old Outlaw truned me on to them. Comes
    with a 14500 battery and charger.
    These look to be the next step up, sounds like it's well worth the $ :D
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    Yep, got the small ones and 8 of the XML-T6 ones also. Keep most in my Emergency Equipment closet. In the T6 I only use the 18650 Panasonic Protected batteries.
    Last a lot longer between charges.