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  1. At this point I've put roughly a box of ammo through it (50 rounds). I've done a lot of cycling through the pistol, I cycle ammo in and out of the mags a couple times a week (I wont waste my hollow points in the back yard when all I need to do is scare the coyotes away).

    After the first few mags worth of cycling, and 1 mag of firing, I pulled the pistol apart, cleaned all the paint scrapings out of the firing pin/dollhead channel. Used a Qtip to apply some Lucas Red N Tacky in there. Pistol now racks up real smooth.

    After several mags of rounds fired through it, I took it apart, cleaned it again, reapplied the Lucas grease. Thing is smooth and couldn't be any better.

    In the middle of all that, I replaced my sear spring with the spring from a stock sight of all things. Shorter, stiffer, and the trigger pull is no longer a long pull before a click. It's still a firm pull, but it's now a direct click and not a long pull. I've had no problems with misfires, it hasn't gone full auto on me by bumpfiring itself, none of that.

    I've run through Federal, Blazer, and American Eagle (box said American Eagle, shells were stamped Federal), had a few jams in the beginning, adjusted my mags and haven't had a problem since.

    At this point I need to remove my trigger and cut the finger pad down (I want just the trigger, not the wide outriggers they call a pad), and braze some material onto the safety lever (I'm a lefty, if I add material to the safety lever I can simply swipe my finger down to disengage it). After that I'm going to strip the black off of some parts and polish them up, and I might leave it at that. Or I'll add a light. Haven't decided yet.

    All in all I'm pretty satisfied with my pistol from HiPoint. I've grown used to the weight, I don't even realize it's on my hip anymore until I walk into something and it tries pulling my belt around. I dare say I like this thing enough that I want to purchase a 4095, and do some work to make it mine.
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    American Eagle is made by Federal