My ruger P95DC

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  1. Had this gun for quite some time:


    Has never let me down...old style before all that front rail crap...;)
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    I second that on Ruger pistols. I've owned 2 of their 45 acps and they were just unstoppable. Let me suggest you look for a Ruger Police Carbine in model PC9 as they are compatible with P Series mags. My PC 9 came with 4, 15 rounders and 1, 32 rounder. The Ruger Carbines are heavy duty, strongly engineered little monsters that will tear up anything coming at them close or far out,with their Ruger rings and a good clear scope.But, the open sights are just excellent for quick target acquisition.They come with a bad arse, matte jetblack , synthetic 1 piece stock and heavy steel barrels and receivers with a huge bolt sliding inside and a good trigger...none of the rails,lasers tac lites,batteries or other junk that mean zero zilch in a pinch. Just like the Ruger pistols, the PCs are just wicked!!!

  3. I've never had the pleasure of shooting any of Rugers semi auto pistols... My brother has a 9mm, but I've never shot it. They look to be sturdy weapons, and I'd love to try one. Haven't ever heard of anyone having too many issues out of one either. Nice looking pistol.
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    I have a P85 MKII in 9MM, and I love it. I really love the feel of the Ruger grips in my hand, and I'm very much a double-stack kinda guy. I've recently put on a Criomson Trace laser. I like it, but the pistol just doesn't feel as good in my hand as the old grips.
  5. I have had one for a couple years or so, rugged reliable, fairly accurate. Little bulky, heavy double action trigger but pretty decent over all.

    I put grip tape on the grip which really helped the slick frame issue they tend to have. I think you have to spend quite a bit more than these to get something much better.
  6. I had a Ruger P85 the second year they were out and loved it till I borrowed a S&W Sigma to shoot an IDPA match one time, after that I traded the Ruger in for the smaller Sigma and never looked back. Ruger's are very dependable and nice for the money, but quiet large for my hands and too large for me to conceal carry except during the winter months. Everyone I know who owns a Ruger semi-auto love them and the only complaint is with the size.
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    Bought the Ruger p345 on the 14th as a birthday present for myself. Only took it to the range once so far, but after 300 rounds I can say I love the damn thing.

    I even like the "front rail crap" :)
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    Just picked up today at Durys Guns a used, yr 1994 mfg., Ruger P89 in 9mm with blue slide and 1,15 round mag. I made sure that its 1 mag and my Ruger Police Carbine(PC9), 5 mags are compatible between carbine and pistol. The P89 sold for $269.99 so it seems like a really solid buy.
  9. I guess I have big mitts because the P95 fits my hand fine, I use Pachmayr wrap around grips on my Taurus PT99 to get a decent grip so I am not wrapping clear around like a broom handle.

    So I suppose to varies from person to person what is comfy or not.