My S&W 22A

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  1. Paid $220 otd new about 7 yrs shooter:

  2. Those are really good accurate pistols. Great guns.

  3. Ari

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    Man that is a nice one. YOu can't find that 22a with those nice grips and all the goodies for $220 anymore. I have been looking used Rugers but I would take that gun you have in a heart beat if I could find one for that type of that of money.
  4. I've almost sold it like 3 times but she always winds up staying with me...

    I've since gotten a Hi-Standard VICTOR and a Ruger MKI...but maybe I'll put a red dot on her.

    My first week I had it I joined a league and finished 4th out of 25 with iron sights...:D
  5. Hey if you wanna sell her just let me know..............anytime!
  6. Thats a really nice looking 22A you got there! Those grips really do the modestly priced 22A justice, its definitely a keeper in my book.