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  1. I was just reading the post of shooterz about the guns he was given ( I hate you by the way :lol: ) not really, glad you got them. but it reminded me of when my father in law died. he had some nice guns. they all went to his son, my brother in law.
    nice guy but he doesnt shoot. my father in law died over twenty years ago. the guns have never been fired since that time. the only time they have been cleaned and oiled was when I made him get them out of a closet and let me go over them.
    by the way he is a court bailiff, and carries a ruger for work. it gets shot onece a year to certify and then never again.
    I was the only one who hunted with my father in law. but did I get the guns or just a gun :evil: .
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    It sucks when something has sentimental value to you. It's pretty hard to inherit anything if the deceased man has a living son. IIRC Entire Kingdoms, Empires, and Dynasties were handed down by the deceased ruler to their son... regardless of the son's age.
    I wouldn't take this too hard on myself, because I know if my father were to pass away and I was inheriting his firearms, his hunting buddy would probably have to settle for the fond memories of the hunting trips. Just my .02, but It's how I look at it. :)

  3. My father has had his share of health problems. He has beat cancer once, ten years ago, but has recently found he has developed another in a different area. We are hopeful that his next surgery will be as successful as the procedure a decade ago.
    Pop has a beautiful Winchester, I believe 57, as well as my grandfathers 300,
    and his 30-06. Beautiful firearms, and a pleasure to hold and caress.
    Being the only shooter in the family besides my Dad, it is my hope that when his time comes, he will think of me and leave his weapons in my charge.
    I would never sell them, and he knows this.
    In the same breath, I pray that it is when I am much older than I am now.
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    My wife's father died when she was 3. Her mother kept a couple of her father's guns. Eventually the guns were given to my wife's brother a few years ago. I don't know if he's ever fired a gun in his life.

    My wife asked him if she could borrow them, and he said he doesn't even know where they are anymore. They're probably just rusting away in his basement or something.

    It's really sad.
  5. My dads guns were stolen back when I was a teenager. It was a pretty nice arsenal too.
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    reminds me of my grandmother's (yes grandmother) nickel plated s&w 357. My cousin ran off with that before the family could go through everything. I did get may granddad's muzzleloader though. He built it from a kit in the mid 70s
  7. oh dont get me wrong guys, it is fine he gave them to his son. I just hate to know that they are sitting in a closet and never being taken care of. I have my dads pistol. and I have a good collection of my own. but it hurts to see good guns go to waist.
    and on a brighter note I got my AR saterday!!!!! man I am one happy guy. will post pictures as soon as I can get some batteries for the camera.
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    You never know, they might one day inspire him to take up the sport. Or they may eventually land in the hands of someone who will give them the love and attention they deserve.
  9. sad part is, once I die, my guns will be treated the same way. my daughter only goes shooting with me to get out of doing chores, and even then she won't shoot ( unless it's a .22 rifle) and my son will only shoot a gun if there is a cord connecting it to an XBoX. I have no biological children, and the kids I do have have taken their mothers "guns are great, but I don't wanna shoot them" attitude. after reading this post, I think I'll try one last time to get the boy interested in guns....
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    My dad died when I was 18 and His arsenal went to me and then 6 yrs ago when mom died everything she had became mine. So I picked up a couple more from her.
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    If the boy only likes video games, there's a good chance that he plays 1st person shooters. I'm sure once he's shown the concept of how firearms really operate and fires a couple of hundred rounds; He'll get tired of only hearing a crude .wav file of the firearm being fired very quickly. You might want to give him some "Firearm Air Freshener" as i affectionately call it. That's when you smell the aroma a shotgun gives off when it's fired, the wonderful mystic smell of Hoppe's #9, and the pleasing scent of Break Free CLP, all in the same day... I can tell when my neighbors are cleaning their firearms, It's that ingrained into my mind that I immediately have an urge to go to the range, just to get some "Firearm Air Freshener". :)
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    if your so concered about where your firearms go then i guess ill let you put me in your will just to make sure they get a good home i promise. :D
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  14. well I talked to him today and he agreed to go to teh mountain with me Sunday. I am hoping that the act of actually firing a real gun will get him interested. yes he plays plenty of 1st personshooters, but for some reason hasn't gotten into actual shooting.

    Hp, Urajit, i'll keep that in mind.... :roll:
  15. Just a thought thrown out, if you have no biological children, and the step children are not that interested, you could always leave them to the NRA, they would sell them and use the money to continue the fight for our right to bear arms.
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    Um, How about your neighbor/friend that for 12 years brought the same .22 rifle when you two would go to the range.
  17. Ya know, I am the only one of my older brothers that DID NOT get a gun given to me by my father. Greg, Woodie, Joe, Jamie and Aaron all got guns given to them, but not me. I had to pay for mine.

  18. My great grandfather had a 1911 left over from the war... when he passed I was still living at home and my parents being anti told my great grandmother most likely no I wasn't interested... oh, to have one of those!
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    I still have the .22lr Remington single shot rifle, given to me when I was 11.