My Saiga .223 (weapon review)

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    Just wanted to give a quick review of the Saiga .223 sport rifle :)

    Construction: This is clearly a Russian built AK sporting weapon. The quality of this rifle is IMO unmatched for the price. Hell, right on the front of the box is says "made my IZMASH". That alone should say something. It is very well constructed, and feels quite solid. The foregrip and stock are a very lightweight polymer material. The buttstock has a really hollow sound to it, and at first seemed cheap to me, but after taking it hunting today I realized that foregrip and stock are very sturdy and clealy help keep the weight of the weapon down. I'd give this rifle a 9/10 on quality.

    Performance: Wow, where do I start here. The performance of this rifle was just amazing. Right out of the box the iron-sights were almost dead on. Only needed to adjust the elevation by one click. The trigger has very little play in it, and I've felt much worse triggers on rifles that cost more than this. The recoil is VERY light considering it's .223 so that's a huge plus if you need to pull off a quick 2nd aimed shot. However, it is LOUD for a .223! I had no idea it would be that loud. When we came down off the hill the land owner thought I fired a Winch. 7mm :) Plus the return of the bolt is very solid and smooth. I'd say it's a 8/10 on performance (that was right out of the box prior to elevation adjustment).

    Overall...., this is (as stated in many places on the web) clearly one of the best affordable.., and well built AK styled rifles available in the USA. I'm still scratching my head over the fact that I paid less than $300 for this thing. I've ordered a scope mount for it, and will sight that in this weekend. I've decided not to go above the 10 rd mag, as this for me will strictly be a hunting rifle...., so I honestly don't have a need for more than 10 rds. I may however change the butt stock to Saiga's Skeleton Stock with adjustable cheek.

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    Squeak, I enjoyed reading your weapon review. Let us know what game you bag with it. There are many brands of softpoint hunting ammo available in 223. Good luck.

  3. Awesome. I own a Saiga in 7.62x39mm and did the standard stock and pistol grip conversion. I've been playing with the idea of getting one in .223 and converting it. But I hadn't made up my mind. Thanks for the info.
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    I'll be going out again tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll nail something. Only saw two ladies today. By the time I caught sight of them, all to be seen was their white tails going over the side of the hill. Was told there's some pretty big buck out where we hunt....

  5. Great review the Saiga rifles are a great value. I love my converted 7.62x39 Saiga
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    Great review Squeek, sounds like you got a winner there.
  7. Squeek, I changed the stock on my Saiga 12 shotgun to the skeleton one with the pistol grip, and unless the stock you get is US made, there is some confusion among people as to whether that stock counts as 2 parts as there is a built in pistol grip.

    It may mess with your part count, just wanted to let you know.
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    What?????!!! Whitetail deer/doe in AFRICA!!!???
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    Don't know about Africa, but they're like freaking cattle here in West Virginia. They're everywhere. This is a good hunting state.
  10. We have "pet" deer that stay on our property because they seem to know that we do not allow hunting and they are safe. There is a pond and plenty of grass for them to eat.
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    I couldn't keep them as pets. I like deer meat too much to do that :) Nothing like cutting it up, breading it with some seasoning, then frying it in a skillet with some light oil. Serve it up with cornbread and fried potatos and BAM.., ya got yourself a fine meal right there:)
  12. I have been looking at the Saiga 223. I hope to get one in a few months even more now.I just spent what I had sayed up a an xbox360 for my son and myself.