My Second Hi Point Firearms Purchase

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  1. I just got back from our local gun store where I just bought a new C9. It came with a Hi Point black plastic carrying case. I asked the dealer if the $169.95 sticker price was his out-the-door price, he said, no, you can have it for $145.00. I said, SOLD! It will be a great companion to my 995 carbine.
  2. That is a great price on your C9.Now you have something to keep your 995 warm at night.

  3. You got that right!
  4. Ari

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    very cool!
  5. mine came in a cardboard they all come with a carry case?
  6. Apparently not. A friend of mine bought a new C9 before I bought mine. His came in a cardboard box to.
  7. BSK

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    mine came in a cardbox as well
  8. mine came in cardborad to but thats all ive seen them sold in around here
  9. Gonzo480

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    mine came in the cardboard but the shop sold me plastic case for $2.95...can't beat that :shock:
  10. i saw some online deal that come with hard case but i have never seem them, not even in picture. it usually come up like 20 to 30 bucks more. and with that, i can buy a very nice pistol case so why bother.
  11. I bought my C9 with the plastic case. Without the case it was $7 cheaper; the cost of that kind of case at that gun shop was $7.

    The CF380 was in a cardboard box so I bought one of the $7 cases. I can tell which gun in which case because the C9's case has Hi-Point molded onto the top.
  12. Mine came in a cardboard box for $99.99, no tax, no other charges! 40 & 45 cal were just 30 bucks more, but had the same style cardboard box. :lol:
  13. Congrats on your purchace.
  14. My C9 was $170. with a HiPoint plastic case. I mentioned I didn't need the case because I already had one. He took $10.00 off and I got the gun for the $160.00. After purchasing a few more items he ended up just throwing in the case 8) .
    From what he told me was.......the C9's that he is ordering are now coming in with the Hi Point case. Cannot really tell you IF it is happening all over.
    Great price on your's though :wink: .