My SHOT show pics

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  1. elguapo

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    Sorry guys, I had a camera, but was in awe of everything there....

    Primal and I had only canvassed only PART of the Gun part, and didnt even get to see the other parts there!






    Sorry! I was a bad moderator! I was caught up in all that there was too see....please forgive the lack of pics!!
  2. For those of you who don't know, the first pic is of me and Matt Hughes and the second one is of course The GUNNY!!!!!

    I was gonna tell him about the pic we put up of him when the newbies don't post pics of their new toys, but I thought better of it.... :wink:

  3. Strangerous

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    For those of you who do not know who the heck matt hughes is, he is a very bad man, and likes to fight people. just kidding on the first part. For those of you who don't know who Gunny is, R. Lee Ermey... most notably/known for playing "Gunnery Sergeant Hartman" in Full Metal Jacket in 1987 (i was 1 year old, man) He has been in many TV shows and movies throughout the years, and his genuine/believable persona are the cat's meow to his success.

    I am now jealous of you Primal, i would of had Gunny sign my arm, and have it tatted on permanently. (just kidding) But it would be an honor.
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    There's all sorts of fun facts about ol' Gunny. He's a very cool guy!

    Strangerous, you're just a wee bearn!
  5. Wow, you guys suck. Primal, you had better have that photo of you with the gunny printed, framed, and hung up in you living room, bedroom, and desk at work.
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    Sheesh, look at the paws on the dude. I'd hate to take a beating from that dude.

    As for meeting, that's awesome.
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    I'm jealous!!
  8. I'm jealous too......maybe there will be peace between HP and Glock in our lifetime, based on the

    I really want to go to one of these SHOT shows....they look awesome. Any info on when/where/how?
  9. Ari

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    Yahooo! I found he pics LOL
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    No pics of the 4595 that hi-point was supposed to have there?
  11. elguapo

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    No pics, as I did not truly have that access, sorry. Plus, it wasnt even there. BUT, fellow seekers of the mysterious 4595 beast, it IS going to be released!
  12. I still keep looking at that pic of the Gunny and get soo irritated that I wasn't able to make it this year. Next year I'm going to go though, plus make reservations to take my Front Sight course at the same time. Gonna call it a vacation and drop the wife at the closest nickle and penny slots and pick her up after a couple days.
  13. "Choke yourself! Not with your hand, Numbnuts, with my hand. Don't touch my hand! Now lean over and choke yourself!"
  14. okay............ they go representing us, they get hats, they get to shmooze with some big dogs, and we get a picture of car? A GLOCK CAR no less - for crying out loud!!!!!

    I would like to open voting for next year's HPFF representatives please. How to we go about doing that? :lol: :lol:
  15. The thing is this... next year the Shot Show is in Orlando Florida... They swap years with Vegas, so it'll be 2 more years before it's back in Vegas.

    I just wish I had more time to walk around and see all the other stuff. Hell, we had to wait in line for the Gunny for over an hour to get the autograph and picture.
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    Primal, did you make it to the hi-point exhibit? Did they thank you for your help in promoting their products?
  17. IF everything works out next year I will attend the show in Orlando. That will be about a 8-9hr drive, which is better than being half way across the country.

    Now.... WHY OH WHY did you take pics of a stinking car?????? Could have taken some shots of the ladies at least, would have been easier on the eyes than a stinking race car with Glock written all over it.
  18. My point exactly! There ought to be some sort of censure or KP duty or something.
  19. ORLANDO! EVEN BETTER! I have a family of a friend down there I can stay with.

  20. Dude, ALL of those guys are awesome! Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for the guys at MKS for inviting us, but what they have for us as well. We do alot of work for them, just by being here spreading the word about Hi-Points.