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  1. is a Winchester Model 1300 Defender with a 20" barrel, a UTG Tri-Rail barrel/mag mount and a 1x Tru-Glo Red-dot scope.

    Here is the total package:

    Here is the tri-rail mount, empty:

    Here is the tri-rail mount with a Smith & Wesson flashlight attached:

    I had to use a scope ring off my Mosin 91/30 (I don't think the scope on it can keep a zero on that beast anyway). The flashlight has a less than satisfactory beam output. Going to upgrade to maybe a Surefire with remote tail cap, or something similar.
  2. Man, that looks pretty sharp :shock: Nice.

  3. DrGonzo

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    How useful is that red dot on a shotgun? I have the exact same one on my 995 carbine, but I wouldn't think of putting it on a shotty.
  4. s0b3

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    how are you supposed to effectively use the light?

    i think it's a momentary switch like most surefires so one hand would have to keep the tailcap depressed, my hands are usually on the pump and rear grip. i have had a surefire foreend with the light built in and that worked pretty good (but expensive, i think it was $350 or $300). you could use a pressure switch but i would worry about the cord getting tangled up when you pump it.

    just curious. maybe post some pics of the setup in action.
  5. The light is a twist tail cap. It gives me an idea of how things will feel as far as weight and whether or not it will be too much. It's not my main HD weapon. I take it hiking/camping with me with 00 buck and slugs. As I mentioned, I intend on upgrading to a light with a remote switch, when I can afford it.

    I'm using the red-dot because I already had it, I am used to using them and can't financially justify the purchase of a holo sight, which is what I want for it.
  6. deaconwagers

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    nice weapon, i love shotguns. just picked up a mossy 500 persuader, myself.
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    I've been using a red dot on a riot 500 for 'bout a year now with slugs it holds 3 in at 50 yd's and with OO I print c o m as long as i'm shouldering it it shoots well from the hip it kinda get's in the way.
  8. Ari

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    I shot a semi auto riot gun with a reflex sight on it and it was really nice.