My small but growing collection! Updated!!!!!!

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  1. nice my friend, very nice. keep up the good work

  2. nice my friend, very nice. keep up the good work
  3. I like 'em all!!! Maybe that's why I am broke all the time, cuz I try to buy 'em all too!!!

    Great collection dude.
  4. Ari

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    I really like the Ishapore I have a real soft spot for SMLEs...

    And primal broke is not the half of it LOL
  5. I'm starting to really like Enfields. I have found a guy in OH that will sell me his used furniture for my Longbranch. I didn't want to just put any old wood on it, I was looking for Canuck timber and he had it!
    Nice collection...YOU NEED SKS's!!! LOL
  6. elguapo

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    Nice collection!

    Oh yeah, fan the flames about me getting a Enfield!!! Thanks buddy! ;)
  7. The Ishapore.

    The Ishy took me about 2 days 8 hours to clean but was well worth it. I reloaded some ammo and took her to the range shot her and she shot high but changed the front sight to a taller one and she shot 1 inch groups @100 yards with the iron sights. The rifling in the barrel is like brand new, its as if this gun had bery little shooting done out of it.I know it was shot because there was copper residue iin it. I use Wipe-out to clean all my guns barrels, that stuff is MARVELOUS. Also it has All matching numbers!
  8. Nice collection! That gun case is awesome too :!: :!: :!: