My son just learned about gun laws...

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Rachgier, Jun 2, 2014.

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    So I just finished mowing the lawn after an awesome weekend camping trip with the family and I come inside to grab an ice cold diet, caffeine-free root beer. I pick up my phone to see I have a voicemail from the school. My son decided to show off to his friends and took a cap gun to school.

    Long story short, he gets suspended for a day, instead of 5, because he's a good and polite student, and I don't get charged/ticketed/arrested for being a law abiding and gun owning citizen who teaches my kids about gun safety. Amazingly enough they didn't even call CPS or the cops like school policy dictates.

    I ram firearm safety down these kid's throats so fortunately he didn't go waving it around or act like an idiot. He just took it to school to play with at recess and told his friends about it. Apparently, a classmate threatened to tell on him and went to the Assistant Principal. When approached by the assistant principal he handed it over before she even said something and then started crying.

    I don't know how many times I have to tell them they aren't allowed to take things like that to school, but maybe this one time scared him straight.

    If it didn't, his ass belongs to me ALL day tomorrow...
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    Glad to hear you son's school handled it well.

    I still think it's stupid tat he hgot in trouble at all for it. I mean, I am sure it's school rule and he obviously violated it, but it's a stupid rule.

    I remember taking toy guns to school back in my day and one one blinked an eye. And they didn't even have the orange safety caps back then either.

  3. I recall getting a Toy gun from Santa at the school Christmas party with I was in the first grade.

    I am glad you son's principle acted with some sort of common sense.

    And a 1 day suspension? How many days they got left? Kids in Knox County have been out since May 21.
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    NE Utah
    That's about the minimum a school admin can do and still retain his job, sounds like a decent fella.

    Glad they didn't over react.

    As for school being out, what the heck happened to starting school after Labor Day, and staying in until June? It's ridiculous, they were still playing state championship sports on May 23rd, and half the schools were already out. State track was May 16-17, and some schools were already done then, too.

    I hate it, it's too freaking hot in August, we start school on the 25th, I'm sorry, but that's still summer!:mad:

    It's kinda odd, people say we have to get out before Memorial Day, because people want to go do things. But they do them for Labor Day too, and no one cares. Not to mention, it's too cold to go camping in May around here, unless you use an RV, and the water is too cold for swimming, and most of the upper water isn't open for fishing either. It's a waste.:(
  5. I use thing like this to give the kids a lesson in life. Things like the leftist are out to ruin a good time, never trust them, etc.


    It's always good to wear one's Che t-shirt when the talking to those at a public school. The one you have with his picture and says:

    "Leftists have murdered 250 million people and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"
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    Good Job DAD!
    I'm sure it is a lesson he will never forget. You could make a range trip out of it on his "day off" and by the end of the day, he will be able to tear down and clean, re-assemble your AR blindfolded??? :D
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    Had my 6 y/o niece over and she was helping me work on some brass so for a reward for helping i made her a necklace out of a 9mm round we were working on but plainly told her it couldnt be taken to school and what u know got a call monday evening when i got home from her mom she took it to school to show off and got caught mom got the call to come get the necklace and take it home but the niece remained in school.

    When i was in school it always started the monday in Sept that had the 16th in it and school was always out the week that had May the 12th in it
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    That's a pretty cool school, my son got 10 days because the school nurse determined, by looking at his eyes?
    That he was on drugs.. They said if we took him to the doctor and get him drug tested and if he was clean he could come back to school.. Unfortually he had smoke a doobie at a party the week before.. He claimed he was not high when he got booted from school, but insisted he couldn't pass a test due to the weed being in his system.. Not my proudest Parent moment..
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    Depending on levels of toxicity they test for, he would likely pass the test.
    I was the union steward on a big refinery job several years ago. One of the
    new hires told me he did not think he would pass the test, cuz he and his
    brother (also on the job) had smoked one 2 nights before. THEY PASSED.
    Most schools and jobs, etc. do what is called a "junky" test, it is cheap and
    easy, and you only pop out if actually under the influence at the time of
    testing, or maybe a "chronic" user. I'm sure you could have shopped around
    for a high threshold drug test, or they just had the"junky test" anyway.

    Someone ratted him out. They do not actively look for stoned kids...
    JMHO Gasman!
  10. bluebone

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    well at least you taught him the crying and puppy-dog eyes routine...:D he seems to be learning the best defense is to just appeal to their merciful side.
  11. ajole

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    NE Utah
    After a good long lecture, half the kids in any given class look stoned. Looking for that is pointless. About all we will notice is abnormal activity. Not lack of activity, again, that is normal.:rolleyes:
  12. Rachgier

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    Actually SHE said she only suspended him because she had to. Followed closely with how she and her husband were both avid hunters and had their pistol permit but have struggled trying to explain to their own kids why even toy guns at school were a no go.

    As far as school being out elsewhere, mine are in until June 21st.
  13. Rachgier

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    He's only 11 and my range doesn't allow anyone under 14 near the firing line without one of their RSO's. That and he already knows how to break down, reassemble, load, unload and show clear, and clear simple jams in all of my firearms.

    He's going with me to pick up some stuff for the fire engines and move a pile of rocks in the back yard after he scoops dog poop
  14. Liberty

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    What is the world coming to? RESPONSIBLE PARENTING? Surely Mother Jones is going to do a piece on you on how absolutely shameful this behavior is.

    Oh wait.... :D

    Seriously this is great. It is GOOD for kids to get in trouble for minor stuff. Likely this will help scare him in a few years when he's confronted with actual tough choices, which as you quite know ARE coming. I wish we had more great involved parents like you.
  15. undeRGRound

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    WOW! At 11! That is impressive!
    Maybe next year, at 12 they will have him on the news "schooling" Cuomo
    about how he is (attempting) pi$$ing all over the 2nd Amendment! :D
  16. undeRGRound

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    My son (USMC vet) at the same age was shooting his bow in the back yard.
    Fired one up in the air, but at a slight angle (I explained to them why it was dangerous so he "compensated").
    It came down in the neighbors roof! He told me about it, and I marched his @$$
    right over there to tell the neighbor and (hopefully) get the arrow back.
    After a "no harm no foul" ruling from the neighbor, and him retrieving the arrow,
    as he was able to use a lawn chair and pluck it right off the edge,
    We found out his name...

    Mr. Bowman :D

    All the rest of the bow/gun safety stuff pretty much clicked for Jr. after that ;)
  17. My buddy ran a trap line and would take his 22LR with him to check his traps on the way to school. He just stopped by the administration office and left it there to be picked up on his way home at the end of the day. My wife's school actually had a rifle team (I know because she keeps reminding me what a crack shot she is) in the school.

    Amazing how we went from there to 'Oh my god, he's got a toy gun!!!!'.

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    What we should teach kids about guns in school.
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    NE Utah
    I love how clean the gun is. Reminds me of the training trucks we worked on in AIT. It's a pleasure to work on engines that aren't hot, greasy, rusty, and have been taken apart and reassembled so often that nothing binds or even requires a wrench, really.

    Also loved the little techniques, like basically throwing the cleaning rod into the holder, and slapping at the exposed part to get it out. These kids have been taught all the tricks.
  20. That simple to explain to kids. Just tell them the truth.

    That the leftist are just trying to trick them into not being able to protect themselves.

    I do add a little more and this does work. Although mom doesn't like it in a restaurant if the little one(who has a load voice) asks if she can order whatever she want's or if Obama & friends have stolen all our money again.