My Survival man video

Discussion in 'HPFF Comedy' started by Super_Virgil, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. billybybose

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    UMMMMM soundtrack too :D
  2. i actually found those sauseges on the beach where i landed.
  3. Well, the important thing is, you're still alive. I'm not sure I'd eat those if I bought them, let alone found them.
  4. panoz77

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    Pretty good, except you should have made a Man vs. wild parody of Bear Gryllis and had stuff stashed like disposable lighters and a fishing rod. Then you could have made really easy climbs and descents down baby hills and creek crossings through 2 ft. of water look really dangerous.

    :lol: :lol:
  5. I cant stand man vs wild. Maybe its the british aaccen, or maybe its the fact hat if it gets too cold oustside he stays at a holiday inn express.
  6. Virgil,

    Cool parody video!

    I am not too fond of Man vs Wild, in my opinion he does some stupid stunts that look good for the tv but will get an average person killed if faced with a real life survival situation.

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    The Man Vs Wild parody would be some guy in a Best Western hiding in the plastic palm trees by the pool.
  8. very cool an well made vid !!
  9. Me, and my survival crew, are planning a weekend expidition back to the same beach, we are going to make a more serious version. We are going to simulate dead motor on a fishing trip. me and my 2 budies are allowed 1 tol each. I am thinking swiss army knife, maybe a fire piston or bow drill, and a hatchet.
  10. LMAO!!!

    That, my friend, was great! And I love your Jr hat and jacket throughout the whole thing.