My SWeet Enfield!!!!

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  1. Wow I love this gun!Manufactured @ London small arms co. 1916 No.1 mkIII.Could this rifle have been carried by a British soldier @ the Somme in WWI????SWEEEEEET!!![​IMG] [/img][​IMG]
  2. Could be-- of course you have the wire wrpped grenadier version so probably it was "done up" like this (wire wrap) after the Great War, but yours is clean as heck-- where did you get it? I want to order one with my C&R, but am leery-- of course SOG delivered on my MN 91/30--

    Congrats!!! :D

  3. Awesome rifle you have there man :D I really need to get my C&R!
  4. I bought it from Hunters lodge :shock: took about a month to get it ,$200.00 to my door,but it out shoots my nagant and my k31.I watched a WWI video on youtube and they were launching grenades with them,but i could not tell if they were wire wraped or not??I love the Great War,and i am so facinated by it. :D
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    Oh that is soooo NICE! That is the one Enfield I need..
  6. I've always loved the Enfield rifle! I had a chance to buy one from a fellow about 6 months ago for 70 bucks but the only thing holding me back was the difficulty in finding good quality .303 British ammo right now.
    Ah well, I guess I shouldve picked it up but hind sight is 20/20.
    Good looking gun, old chap.
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    Finding ammo For the .303 is actually easier then people believe.

    For one there is a shart load at sportsmans guide and Midway. Also easily found locally however a bit spendy. I have yet to find a brand that is not dead accurate, cheap surplus to new production. All excellent stuff.

    I perfer the surplus as it is CHEAP. 160 rds for 45$ delivered Sportsmansguide.
  8. Looks like you got a good one. I think Enfields are my favorite milsurps.
  9. Very nice MkIII.

    Seeing pictures likes that reminds me I've not owned one in years.

    I need another one!
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    one of those is near the top of my lengthy list.
  11. Thanks guys.the ammo is reasonable for privi partizan,about 10.50 for 20 rounds.or you can get pakastani ammo for 5.00 for 32 rounds.The pakastani stuff all shoots but most is click bang.I may get one that Aim surplus has for 180.00,it is 308 ammo.if anybody is thinking about getting one,I love the crud out of mine plus it has a high coolness factor!! :lol: #3 on the top ten rifles of all time.
  12. Nice rifle! I have 2 1903 Turkish mausers that may have stared across the battlefield at your rifle at Gallopoli :)

    One of them has metal in the stock, want your shrapnel back?
  13. Very neato rifle.

    tell me about the wirewrapping. Whats that all about and why was it done?
  14. It is a grenade firing rifle.They wrap it with copper wire and solder it together to make it stronger.The wire could be cut off and it will be just like a normal mkIII....Waltham,is that so cool?no telling what these guns have seen.92 years for me and 105 years for you and shoot just as good as when they were new.I need a k98 now!!!!!