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  1. greg_r

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    First to define carry as I was taught,remember I was trained on a 1911.
    C-0, mag inserted, round chambered, safety off-only used when you are in the fight.
    C-1, mag inserted, round chambered, safety on-used whed combat is inement.
    C-2, mag inserted, round chambered, hammer down. This is the way I was trained to carry. You must remember that J.M.B. designed the 1911 sans safety, irrelevant anyway as this is not an option with the Hi Point.
    C-3, mag inserted, chamber empty-also known as them Israeli carry.
    C-4, no mag, chamber empty.transport and storage only

    I prefer C-1 because;
    1, faster into action. Sweeping a safety will always be faster than racking a slide.
    2, increases your round count
    3, more reliable, just about guarantees you at least one shot.
    4, compatable with a double action revolver

    C-1 does require a good holster, I like the trigger completely protected. In a DAO design I really see no use for a safety. For SA, I definitely want one. Anyway, that's just my opinion, everybody must come to their own conclusions and do what is right for them.
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  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    1, Not sure it is faster in a meaningful way, as racking the slide is part of the draw, just like sweeping the safety. Increased resistance to ND/AD could offset this possible advantage.

    2, true

    3, true

    4, over 100 guns, not a single DA revolver...this point is moot to many of us.

    This is totally correct.;)

  3. tallbump

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    My biggest thing about taking a safety off vs racking a slide is that you can (and do) take off the safety with the same hand you hold the gun with, therefore you only need one hand.

    Maybe some of you folks are, but I am not bada$$ enough to hold it and rack the slide one handed.

    For that reason, I carry condition 1
  4. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    And remember, the most common time to have a failure with a semi auto is when you are loading the chamber.
  5. geekandwife

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    I have started carrying C-0 when out and about, and going back to c-3 when at home as I do have young children.
  6. FlashBang

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    I carry my 45's in C1, training and practice provides automatic muscle memory to throw safety off as it is coming out of the holster.

  7. SWAGA

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    C-3 on my .45 JHP
    C-1 on my carry .380

    Then again......I also have a .357 revolver ;)
  8. I carry condition one, but I do not sweep the safety out of the holster. Safety does not come off until I am on target. Tex Gruber swept the safety off his gun and gave us the video "I blanking shot myself!".

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  9. C1 on my body guard. I know most dont like a safety on DAO, But i pocket carry, and have my kids crawling on me sometimes. for that reason i picked Hammer fired DAO with a safety.

    hunting as a kid. My dad taught me to always chamber a round, put the safety on. Safety dosent come off until you are prepared to fire.
  10. SWAGA

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    I think good 'ol Tex had been practicing with another 'push button' retention holster and in this case his finger slipped into the trigger guard.
    I think that was his explanation on a subsequent video.
  11. FlashBang

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    Tex shot himself because he had his booger picker in the trigger guard. :rolleyes:
    When I draw a 45, my thumb goes to the safety and begins to disengage it as the weapon is starting its upward arc to the target. at this point it is already fully out of the holster and my finger is outside of the trigger. Once the weapon hits the apex of its arc, then and only then does my finger go on to the trigger and fire. Tex shows the importance of practicing with an unloaded weapon until you have proper muscle memory established and can move on to live fire practice. ;)

  12. Rerun

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    I've already been down this road before...


  13. Tex screwed up, it was a process of both taking the safety off and pulling the trigger. I don't really care how anyone else does it, as long as I don't get shot. For myself I will still leave the safety on and my finger outside the trigger guard until on target.

    People have got shot with unloaded guns too many times. Practice should be with a training gun IMO.
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  14. Rerun

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    And, drawing in such a way that his body was in front of the muzzle.

  15. tallbump

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    Interesting. Not training for me. But naturally, I have just developed a draw where the safety is coming off only once the muzzle is about parallel to the ground. Still time to shoot, but clearly away from by body.
  16. gotcox

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    If people would just obey the 4 gun rules there would be no negligent discharges. And that is what they are, not accidental discharges. Break the rules of gun safety and bad things can happen!
    1. Treat every gun as if it was loaded.
    2. Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard
    3. Know your target and beyond
    4. Never point the gun at anything your not willing to destroy

    If old tex had even a basic understanding of these rules the dumb ass would not have shot himself. But then again it is the way even darwin says life advances. I still say we take all warning labels off everything and let it sort it's self out.

    As far as what condition to carry, do what is right for you. When i carry concealed on my person it is always C-0, by your little list. Safeties on pistols are pointless and cause more problems than they do any good. Most pistols do not have safeties on them because they are not needed. When the pistol is near but not on my person i go with C-3 again with safety off.