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  1. Dagwood

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    I couldn't wait to get my "new to me" ATI C45 out of layaway. So here it is with it's little brother, the ATI HP9.
    The .45 was filthy. I had to really clean the heck out of it. It's got a few nicks in the finish, nothing a little ultra black won't take care of.
    If it runs near as good as the 9mm, I will be very happy! I might get to take it out today. I'll follow up with a range report when I can.

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  2. sarahsmom

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    Nice! :thumbup: :thumbup:

  3. undeRGRound

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    Is the 9 a HP clone? NICE!
  4. Dagwood

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    Thanks guys!

    Yep, the 9 is a kinda HP / Beretta clone. It's a great shooter. The .45 the first time to the range today had multiple failures to feed. I was shooting federal aluminum case, so I switched to American Eagle brass and had similar issues. Out of 50 rds I had at least 5 fail to feeds.
    When I got home I did a quick polish on the feed ramp. I need to take a bit more time with it, but hopefully that fixes the issue. We'll see. I'll keep you all posted. If you all have any suggestions, I'm open.
  5. I would disassemble the magazines of the .45 Auto pistol. Wipe out the magazine bodies wells and leave no oil in them and also clean the followers. Examine the magazine springs to see if they are weak. If they are you can likely order replacement springs from the below website:
  6. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Cool, I will try that. Thanks Mega
  7. Dagwood

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    So, the C45 had a major fail. The ftf's continued and I was tweaking the mag feed lips to try and get some kind of reliability out of this pistol. I managed to get one mag through her wothout fails and all of a sudden she locked up.
    The decocker/safety flipped around upside down and jammed the slide. This happened while I was firing her. I took her to the smithy and, 40 bucks and a week later I got her back. The smith did say that the feeding issues were more than likely due to the worn out magazine spring.
    I took the mag apart, cleaned it and stretched the spring out a bit. I took her back to the range and put another 100 rds through her.
    I continued to adjust the feed lips on the mag, and the last 30 rds or so ran very well. I ran out of ammo so I had to stop.
    For sure I will have to get a new mag or spring or both. But, I am pleased with the progress so far.
    I found mags online for 35 bucks. Wolffes springs doesn't have my pistol listed, so I will prolly have to email them.
    So, for now the saga continues. I will continue to keep you all updated.
  8. Kiln

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    The Canik 55 guns are pretty much all winners too in my experience. Seems like Turkey builds some decent guns for fair prices.
  9. Dagwood

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    That Canik is a sexy little beast too. And the price is right on those as well.
  10. Kiln

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    I've had three. No problems with any of them.