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    This is the wifeys' CCW.
    This is a PT-22 Taurus . Of course the one pictured is representative of hers. It is a special Edition, with the Gold touches. Now this is the one she bought to CCW. I think it is a sharp looking Barretta copy .[/img]
  2. I've got both the Taurus PT-22 and the Beretta 21A in .22lr.

    I like the Taurus quite a bit better.

    ETA: If you're going to CCW a .22, I think the PT22 is about the best available choice.

  3. Oooh, now that is purdy... just the right amount of gold! But why .22LR for CCW? I guess .22LR is better than nothing!
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    I really like my pt-22. Before I bought it, alot of people said that they wouldn't fire the bulk ammo. I have shot the bulk federal and the bulk remington. They both fire fine. This is a fun gun to shoot and has a good feel to it.
    Here is a pic of my pt-22

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    Well now she has changed her mind. After firing a few rounds through it ,it doesn't feel as good in her hand she says. So now the the new carry gun is the old Keltec .380 she was carrying. I think she bought this one just because she thought it was a pretty gun and she likes the looks.
    Evil Earnie I agree it does have the perfect amount of gold to make it a sharp piece. I can't say anything about her buying that one since she doesn't say anything about what I buy.