My Unaofficial Range Report 4095

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  1. Hi All-
    The Wife went bowling so I went out for some much needed alone time with the new girl. In all I put 140 Rounds down the barrel with not a single mis-feed or issue. That makes the count now 340 rounds- NO PROBLEMS!!

    I found on my first time out that the Receiver bolt would loosen up after about 40-50 rounds. I put a drop of Blue lock-tite on it and it worked perfect the bolt didn't budge.

    Typical croud.."what ya shooten'?"
    "Hi-Point .40 Cal"
    "kinda ugly"
    "I like it"
    the guy in the lane next to me barly kept it on paper at half the distance with his Bushmaster.
    "that thing shoots perdy straight-huh"
    "I like it" :D :D :D

    Here's a pick of the target: at 50 yrds 50 rounds of Rem. 180 gr. mc. 3- rounds to sight in the scope (first time) then one out of the group from me yanking the trigger. the top was my last 10 rounds


  2. Thats a good looking target man!!! Love to see the cuts when adjusting sights.

  3. OK, The 4095 is up to 600 rounds- Not a single problem..The Family just got a little bigger though. I went to the range on Saturday and there was a very lonely 995 just sitting there between a Beretta Storm and a Used Marlin .22 so I couldn't help but to bring it home....I told the wife it followed me....10 minutes later we were in the car so she could shoot it. 200 rounds the only problem I'm having is one of my mags keeps mis-feeding. I'm going to adjust the lips when I go out on Wednesday and see If I can't fix it.

    Here's a little pic for ya
  4. Not good for a carbine to be alone in this world. A happy carbine has many friends.